Nexus 9

What are everybody's thoughts on the Nexus 9? I'm very interested, just wish it had some sort of removable storage, and the screen could be a bit bigger. But I really enjoy my Nexus 7 (2013). This doesn't seem like Tek Syndicate review material but it would be cool. 



I am VERY interested. Never had an Android tablet. Have to wait for more reviews. This one is just calling my name...

it's expensive.

As opposed to? 

I also have an 2013 Nexus 7 and I also want the Nexus 9 but I won't buy it, (at least not at moment). I got a tablet already buying another one will make the older one useless and its expensive.

Same goes for the Nexus 6, I'd love to have one but I got myself a Nexus 5 already the phone is still in good shape. Lesson learned from buying the Nexus 5, I got an perfectly usable Nexus 4 just sitting in my drawer. So yea just my two cents.

Lets say you didn't have the Nexus 7, what are your opinions then?

all these for less than 500 bucks


Of course I'll buy em. My only reasoning was that I still have a perfectly working tablet and phone I see no reason on buying another one that basically does the same thing. And also both of the phone and tablet is more or less 1 year old, still good stuff to me.