Nexus 7 Alternative?

So here's the thing, I'd really like to grab an Android tablet for myself for the holidays, but I'm wondering what I should get. When I bought my HTC Droid DNA I didn't think that having no option for expanding storage would be a big deal, but at this point I'm hating myself for not waiting for the GS IV or just getting the Note II. Here's where the N7 comes in, it looks really good. Price to performance wise it looks awesome, and I'm really looking forward to having a tablet in that for factor, but I can't help but wonder if there's another tablet approved by the folks over on Tek Syndicate that performs just as well for around the same price with an option for expanding storage, because, frankly, 32gb just won't be enough. Thanks in advance :D

Tegra Note 7 is the only worthy alternative in my opinion. 


The tegra has a better GPU, by far, but the N7 has a better CPU. 

All of the other Android tablets don't do it for me. Admittedly, I have never had a hands on with one, but from what I have seen, pure Android performs very great in a tablet form factor. I know that the Tegra isn't pure Android but the only difference is about 2 nVidia apps and some features for the stylus. You should get updates not too long after the Nexus gets them. 

Yes, I believe that it is stock, but with the added Tegra apps. So it should update the same week as the Nexus.

How does the screen compare to the 2013 N7? Everything else on the Tegra 7 looks spot on, especially the option to expand storage and the $200 price point, but like I said above I've got an HTC Droid DNA and I honestly feel rather spoiled by the display. 1080x1920 at 5" is simply outstanding, but then again my 24" 1920x1080 looks fine right in front of me as I write this. Basically I'm asking if it's worth sacrificing the 1080 display, or if it was for you. 

Thanks for the reply!

Hisense Sero 7 Pro.
Same specs as Nexus 7 gen 1, but it has expandable memory and HDMI out.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I might just end up going with the n7 2013 though... damnit I want that 1920x1200 screen res so bad :o

If you get the 32gb Nexus 7, you shouldn't even have to worry about expandable storage. That was a big concern for me before I had purchased mine.

LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition


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No worries, mate. I never ended up buying the N7. I was really close to buying it, to the point where if WalMart was open on Christmas day I would have one right now. But it wasn't and I desperately wanted to overclock my 8350, so I bought a Sabertooth 990fx R2.0 motherboard instead. I am still in the market for a tablet, but probably not until later in the year. 

I've had the N7 since September and I love it. Coming from an ipad the high res screen was awesome. I cant speak on any other tablets but I give the N7 my approval.