Nexus 6p replacement

So my first nexus 6p got drowned in a pool. Only phone I’ve ever done it to. My second one lasted all of a year because it overheated like hell and ruined the battery. I ordered a pixel thinking it would be a somewhat similar experience. Well boy was I wrong. This thing is a total pain in the ass to get rooted and set up the way I want. Just as I was about to have it all set up and put the final touches by testing Viper4Android I found that the volume buttons are fucked and the thing will randomly turn itself up and down. Its basically unusable so I’m returning it.

I need something else more root friendly, where I dont have to flash boot images to keep it booting. I have a small problem though. It needs to be fi compatible. I’ve been on nexus devices since the 2012 n7 tablet which I still have. I’m thinking about breaking down and getting the moto x4 (or g6) because I cannot stand not having a headphone jack. I cant help but get the feeling that I’m fucked unless I quit using fi.

rant warning

I’m so fucking done with google now that they ended the nexus line. That was the best thing they had going for them. These new phones are fucking garbage. FUCK GOOGLE. I am fully fucking triggered after dealing with this pixel shit.