Nexus 6 or LG G3

i want a new phone. i either want the nexus 6 or the lg g3. i want the six inch beast, but i also want the knock function. need to have feedback on what to buy by the end of the month

Look at the versions of android that the two phones run. The Nexus 6 runs stock android and the G3 has LG's version. I personally don't like LG's version but you should look at both and decide which one you like more or don't like.

I'd like to be able to say the Nexus 6 since it's so dam nice to have a clean Android experience, but at least to me the prices on this thing is just silly. But if you don't mind, sure.

I'd consider the Nexus 5 while it's still available (might be gone forever very soon). It's a bit old in the world of snazzy phones but its hardware still holds up well. Also, I have medium+ sized hands and anything much bigger than five inches will be really difficult to use reasonably well with one hand. Even Google's own software like the Chrome browser isn't designed to be usable with one hand unless you can reach all of the screen with the one thumb. Chosing a different web browser for that reason might not be much of a problem, but finding alternative software elsewhere might be more problematic.

I don't think the experience should be that much of an issue considering both phones can be rooted to run whatever flavor/rom of android you wish. i would push towards the LG since it has Micro SD expansion but the Nexus 6 is very nice but what murders it, is the lack of SD expansion. If you can get the 64GB model of the Nexus i would push for that, but if money is an issue in your decision, grab the LG. i believe it's much cheaper now and you can expand the storage later down the road, and also install Cyanogenmod on it to get a much better stock experience. OR if Sailfish OS kicks off it's a much better OS than Android and is multi-tasking friendly, and also runs android apps as well.

i have the nexus 5

here's the issue, i have broken it beyond repair. if it's to be repaired, it would cost more than the phone is worth

or what i can do since the G3 now runs android 5, i could put a stock android skin on it

You could. the LG G3 is most likely running Lollipop, but LG's flavor of lollipop. I enjoy cyanogenmod (it's a custom rom or custom flavor of Stock Android) cause it really gives you the stock experience of Android plus extra customization.

i've used cyanogenmod, i liked some of the things a custom ROM can give, but stock android always looks so delicious

Honestly, a knock function really isn't worth sacrificing the choice of what phone you get.

I personally would go with the G3. The SD card expansion would come in handy, as well as a bunch of othe features. Of course, if you're after the experience of stock Android, and don't want to root your phone to get it on the G3, then it would be a good idea to go with the Nexus.

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