Nexus 5x vs HTC One A9

I'm looking at android phones and these two stand out to me.

My wants:
Good camera
Full HD or better screen
Fingerprint sensor
Decent sound quality
Under $500~ unlocked
Marshmallow or at least Lollipop with decent update schedule

There are great phones like the Moto X Style and OnePlus 2 that come close but miss out in one way or another. I'm not ruling out any phone but right now here is my thought process:

A9 Pros:
Expandable storage
Premium design
Dolby DAC and better speaker (though unfortunately located on the bottom of phone)

A9 Cons:
Mid-tier processor and not positive reviews of GPU performance
Bottom firing speaker
Camera is not as good as 5X

5X Pros:
Better processor/GPU performance
Immediate updates from Google
Better camera

5X Cons:
Some reviews report poor call quality and poor audio playback both through speakers and headphones which worries me.
No expandable storage and base model is only 16gb!
No OIS, and videos seem to be super shaky

So full disclosure, my current phone is an iPhone 5S. It meets a lot of my wants and needs, but the form factor is so long and narrow, I find it extremely uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. When I say that I need a good camera, what I really need is a camera that bests that of the iPhone 5S. I believe that both of these phones will, but I would love to hear the opinions of you all.

I'd also love to hear recommendations for other phones and why you like them. Of course I would want them to be at least reasonable at fulfilling the needs listed at the beginning of this post.

TL;DR: Pitch these or other phones which will meet my needs (affordable, better camera than iPhone 5S, other marketable qualities) to me. I'd love to hear also why you do or don't like these phones.


I should add that I don't game a lot on my phone. I mostly game on my PC. On my phone I like to read, take photos, do on-the-go productivity, and socialize.

The games I play on iOS and will probably play on Android for an example are:
Kingdom Rush series
Need For Speed No Limits
Lumino City
Simple 2D games

Possibly I would use a Gameboy Colour/Advance or SNES emulator.

I personally think the 5x looks like a great phone :) If you game a lot then the 5x seems like a logical choice over a9

I agree, but again I'm not sure I will be gaming much. Have been watching and reading reviews non-stop because if I do pick the A9, I want to buy it before the price goes up on Nov. 7th. I am still leaning towards the A9, as the pictures I'm seeing are for the most part good enough for me, and the build quality and audio quality are far more attractive to me.

There are some charts on ars that have the A9 and the 5X comparisons. 5X basically wins in all categories:

I think the main items to look out for are radio compatibility and if you need the expandable storage.