Nexus 5X bricked, need a new phone. PLEASE GOD HELP

I got my brother the MOTO Z2 Play and he loves it. it’s like 450 and you can throw a second battery on it through moto mods. 3k mah + 2250 or 3k mah is 5k + mah. The Moto x 4th gen is also good. If you want absolute flagship, get the LG V30. It is the undeniable best flagship with the 3.5mm jack. I don’t touch a Samsung b/c of that curved screen. Huawei is under china’s control.

Motorola Z2 play
Motorola X 4th gen (AKA moto x4)
LG V30

oneplus 5t seems like a good phone too.
I’ve got a HTC 10 and LOVE it, but their new one
is sadly less durablle than the 10,
but stay away from Huawei

good luck.

I got a plan some years back when that gave us unlimited data for 3 phones for $85. It was a promotion for people switching away from Verizon. No restriction nor contracts. I don’t plan on getting rid of anytime soon :slight_smile:

Oneplus 5T or Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 meets most if not all of your requirement and within your budget.

Stock Android with timely updates zero bloatware.

My Nexus 5X is starting to show its age and I have looking for an alternative. I don’t have your budget for finding a replacement so I have looking at the Nokia 5 or 6.

My wife’s phone recently died after she gave it a bath in a cup of tea… We got a Nokia 3 as a replacement rather than getting something on contract. I have been impressed by this cheap device. OK it’s not a power house and it’s missing features I would want from a phone but for a hundred quid it a damn fine smartphone.

Both my wife and I need a robust phones and Nokia are definitely that. The Nokias are not only strong but repairable. For a cluts like me having a phone that can survive mishandeling and can also be repaired is a good idea.

Just fyi, the Nexus 5 is an lg phone. So far a huge number of them have eventually bricked themselves and are unrecoverable because lg screwed up. Google may replace it if you bought it from them but it might be past the time to be able to do that.

Personally, I’m really enjoying my One plus 5t. I can recommend it. Solid design and build quality.
All I’d say is get a case for it, ideally the flip cover. I felt mine was too thin and felt uncomfortable without a case.

Uhhhhh probably best bet is OnePlus 5T but this thing is pretty gud too it seems

Still. $85 bucks (hopefully not for one phone). I have to ask. Whats your monthly data usage? lol

Original pixel ? … it’s not as fast as a pixel 2 (half the core count), but you should still be able to get one maybe for a little less money than it used to cost.

It’s bound to be supported by lineage once past its Google supported lifespan.

I would personally stay away from OnePlus devices. It was found out that they were capturing a ton of user data a while back.

I think they said that they removed it, but I still wouldn’t trust them.

I am partial to HTC phones since the Windows Mobile days. Honestly, the build quality is superior to the plastic phones and HTC Sense is a light skin over the Stock Google UI.

I have an M10 and my wife just bought the U11 after breaking her M10 (rather she dropped it off of a balcony and the finger print reader does not work anymore, no visual damage). I will see if I can resurrect her m10. The M10 seems to have all of those things that you mentioned. You could also look at the original Pixel as HTC has been making all of Google flag ship devices for the last two years or so.

The U11 does not have headphone jack which is a bumber but Apple has started a trend. the m10 has an onboard DAC for high impedance headphones. It is basically a Google Pixel two but with squeeze control instead of the integrated “Pixel Buds” sync control “Google’s EarPod equivalen.”.

I doubt very seriously you actually bricked it. If you can boot into bootloader mode (power + volume down while off) then you can likely restore it to factory using adb and the factory images shown above. I’ve had many nexus devices over the years including the 5x and they are nearly impossible to brick.

I thought you couldnt brick a nexus device? O.e You should be able to boot into the bootloader and use fastboot flash commands to flash the original firmware that is provided by google. Saved my ass a few times on my original nexus 5

You could in theory brick one during the factory image install via adb because IIRC that replaces the bootloader as well. That would be the only way that I know.

@Adubs @pandahacker the LG Nexus 5x has a hardware flaw that eventually bricks the device. A large number of people were effected. If this is bricked because of that flaw it’s bricked end of story.

Edit: ( I am also included in the list of nexus 5x owners with a bricked phone)

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just note the Oneplus 5t USB c is 2.0 just in a USB C shell.
but the nexus 5x might be fixable, if not at least recover data off of the unit it self.

I was not aware of this, I thought that was a 6p issue only. My mom is using the 5x I had and its still going strong. Looking into it more it seems like an issue with failed CPU cores. There is a workaround to fix it but it involves essentially not using those cores. The phone would take a performance hit obviously.

Could be a temp fix while waiting for a new phone. Seems worth a shot to me, its already fucked, you cant fuck it up more.

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That fix might work if your phone is bootlooping (op doesn’t say?) Some of the 5x phones stop bootlooping. They just never turn on again.

  • Moto X4
  • OnePlus 3T
  • The Original Pixel XL
  • Moto Z2 Play Edition

None of these in any particular order, IMO they’re all great phones. I’ve used the X4 for a bit in the past, and am currently using the 3T.

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Damn that sucks. Sorry to hear than man D: