Nexus 5X bricked, need a new phone. PLEASE GOD HELP

So my beloved Nexus 5X bricked on me whilst I was driving and now I need a new phone. I would love to get something similar it or my previous Nexus 5. I’ve had great experiences with most of the Google phones and was going to originally upgrade to a Pixel 2, but upon finding out it does not have an 3.5mm port, I have have no desire to get it.

My budget is something less than $800

My must haves are

-An Android phone
-An 3.5mm jack (This is an absolute requirement)
-A clean non-bloated version of Android (So probably not a Samsung phone)
-A USB type-c port
-Frequent updates if possible (I really enjoyed the updates on my Nexus 5 and 5X)
-A relatively big screen (Around 5.2 in, no phablets if possible)
-“Ok” camera quality (Doesn’t have to be top-of-the-line but would enjoy a good camera)
-Above or about 32gb of storage (I don’t store large files often on my phone)
-Has to work with T-Mobile (That probably wont be an issue but still being aware)
-A secure phone (If It comes to light that it has some kind of Superfish like a Lenovo laptop then I’ll be moderately upset)
-An ok battery
-At least if not more than 2gb of ram

So far I have looked at the Pixel 2 but that lacks a 3.5mm the port I need for my headphones and car. I would prefer to stay away from any Samsung device since I have had nothing but bad experiences from them.
I appreciate any help at this point, I’ve been at a dead end here.

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even if USB debugging is off, you can ADB sideload a image to the phone. it would wipe the data on it but it would be working as long as its not a hardware issue

iphone 6. : P

But in all honesty, unless I am missing something, I think the oneplus 5T has you covered.

You can obviously root it and put on what ever OS you want, so it gives you that same sort of nexus level of control.

It has USB c, a good screen, decent batter, and a good camera for a few hundred less than your budget.

your nexus 5x is called hammerhead.

this would have your system images and some how to sideload

My recommendation.


Motorola Z2 Play
Motorola X4

They both tick every bullet. The X4 is probably the better deal of the two.

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Is this, more or less, installing the OS from a Nexus 5x on another android?

Hmm, I haven’t put to much thought into Oneplus but the 5T looks real solid.

its taking a system image (in this case the stock from google) and loading it to the phone by lowlevel system stuff that is in nearly every case unaffected by other issues. the recovery partition, it loads at boot if you hold down that phones button combo for it vol- and power for most. there you can load the system image, if its from google the phone will hash check it, pass it and load it as the new OS

may not even wipe data partition? but i think google stocks wipe on boot for security?? i dont remember

I haven’t had much experience with Motorola other than my buddies Nexus 6 (Which I loved the 8:5 screen on it) The camera is phenomenal albeit huge on the back of the phone. Does Motorola push updates out frequently of would it be better self updating?

project fi too. its nearly the exact phone you described. WHen my 5x dies, this is the route im taking. Look it up. It’s a fine phone esp. for Fi users

So I could in practice, put a Nexus or Pixel OS on a Moto or Oneplus phone. Would there be any issues with the OS trying to update or with the hardware of the phone?

Is Project Fi a replacement for a carrier like T-Mobile or is it an addition to the network? I don’t know much about it.

the OS is simply android. your nexus 5x is supported by google up to android 6.something

you could find a custom higher and flash it but it could be flaky / have a few bugs

the OSs per phone are not really different in a way that the UI or large bits are different , its that that image is made for that phones hardware

Google would be your carrier if you used Project Fi. It runs off Sprint, T-Mobile and something else iirc. It’s not good for everyone (esp. if you need a family plan) or if “unlimited” data is super important to you.

I switched to Project Fi about 3 years ago and never looked back. if you are curious about it.

its a virtual network thingy… like sprints boost. boost runs on the sprint network. FI runs on… i think the T mobile and sprint??

i have FI, its really been nice after the others. most my Fi bills are $35~ a month

they rent network time, from the towers they dont own but have contracts with

I have an unlimited plan from T-mobile so I don’t think this would be of much use to me. Although I like the idea.

So far I’m leaning more towards the OnePlus 5T over the Moto X4. I like the 8gb ram option and its still soundly under budget. As far as software goes, would there be much difference? Would it be better if I rooted either phones and used my own OS image?

Do they still charge 100 bucks for that?