Nexus 4 for my girlfriend?

My girlfriend has an iPhone 4s and it's giving her hell. She plans on getting a new phone so I'm offering to buy her one so she can get out of apple. I want to get her into android so she can see what she's been missing all these years. She's not a power user at all since she's only known iPhone. So she doesn't need a $600+ flagship (my pockets say thank you to that) anyways she knows I'm drooling with anticipation for the nexus 5 and I'd love to buy her a nexus phone. Though I'm not exactly financially well off enough to buy two $400 phones. So would a nexus 4 be good for someone to get into android? I see I can get them off eBay for around $150. Seems like the best money can buy for Android. Should I consider taking the plunge for it? 

its a great phone and is a excellent way to get into android and for around the $150 mark thats a really good price for such a great phone you wont ever look back ! also even if shes not a power user the speed is there (im a power user and nexus 4 has never let me down) the only one think i dont like is that the battery isnt the best in the world but if shes not a power user then it will last the day or maybe even a few


i hope i helped make your decision easier ! :)

I got one for my mum when they dropped the price a couple of months back and she loves it. 

But that said, like most apple devices they are really good for non power users, if she like and know ios switching to android my be a bumpy ride only for her to want to go back to the darkside?  

Battery is something I'm kind of worried about. She's not a power user but she is the biggest Facebook whore (always checks and posts on facebook) and is always looking for funny videos online. Also a huge thing is a lack of micro SD support. She loves her music and isn't used to streaming her music from the cloud unless it's Pandora. Though like you said the nexus 4 is a great phone. I hear the camera is lacking? How true is that? (she's an instagram freak). 

Yea she will have to go through a learning curve but I don't see how it would be a dramatic change from ios to stock android. I find it so simplistic (I own a 2013 nexus 7). 

she should be right then also in case you dident know you can say music offline through google play music (or most serivices for that matter) also camera is alright but for instagram if she uses filters it would make the photos look better

I broke my girl from the whole blackberry scene when we got together. Even though if I remember right her or her mom bought her next phone stratosphere (now we both have Galaxy III i'm wait'n on nexus 5 as well). She was soo much happier with it. I know little about the nexus line just what I have based off my 7 but I suppose this is android base not really manufacture. I say it's a good bet and good luck.

I have a nexus 4 16gb.

Pros:  super fast,  easy to use , 1st to get Android updates, decent camera , cheap.

Cons: no micro sd slot  , no battery removal.  

Highly recommended.

My wife had a Samsung Fascinate and was disappointed with how buggy the software was. She went and wasted money on a iphone 4s, decided she hated it within 3 weeks. I picked up a Nexus 4 and it is her favorite phone ever. I've even considered giving up my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for it or the Nexus 5.