Nextcloud Office Suite: Collabora or ONLYOFFICE?

Hello there!

I have been looking at hosting services for Nextcloud, and I would like to use an online collaboration office suite thing so that I can work on papers and presentations etc with my girlfriend.

Now, I have the difficult choice between ONLYOFFICE and Collabora, both of them seem like great functional applications, but I have heard about differences in eg. compatibility with MS Word documents etc.
For background, I use LibreOffice in my day to day work so nearly all of my files are .odt , but might have to work with .docx from time to time because of Uni.

What are your experiences with these two, how is compatibility, what do you recommend?
Even just talking about your experience using one of the two would be a great help in deciding :blush:

Thanks in advance!

Onlyoffice is significantly better because collabora renders it in an x session on the server, then sends the images to the client, where Onlyoffice is browser based with a simple api running on the server.

I use onlyoffice and while it’s a bit glitchy, it’s significantly better and more responsive.


Thank you very much!

I heard that Onlyoffice takes up a lot of memory though, has that ever been a problem for you?

Are you talking about client or server?

I’ve had significantly less memory usage on my Onlyoffice server than Collabora.

That makes sense given the way the two function :grin:
What I have heard may have been referring to client memory usage then, luckily I don’t have to worry about memory usage on clientside so if it does use up a bunch of memory, I wouldn’t mind.

Thanks for your insights, pretty sure I’m gonna go for Onlyoffice then!

Any time.

OnlyOffice claims to be able to handle like 80 clients on a 1c/2gb VM.

So, probably client side.

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