NextCloud - backing storage


tldr: Should I use sshfs mount or configure next cloud to use SFTP (openssh)?

I have remote storage server which I want to act as a backing storage for that NextCloud thing, but the problem is that I didn’t really used OwnCloud nor NextCloud in the past so I don’t really know what are the best practices or options available.

That mentioned server exports it’s storage via ssh (pub key login) so it’s possible to use SFTP.
So, should I use sshfs mount or just configure nextcloud to use sftp?

Why not just run NextCloud on that server?

It’s pretty lightweight.

This server runs dual core ARM. We’ve tested already. There is no way for this thing to do anything than serve files over plain http/https and export local directories over sshfs (190 MB/s peak since it’s limited by CPU) or NFS.

sshfs is a FUSE implementation built on top of SFTP. So you will probably see less overhead by just configuring SFTP