Next upgrade choice?

My current PC Specs are

CPU: AMD FX 6300 @ 4.3 ghz

Ram: 16gb 1866

Hdd: 500gb


PSU: 630w

What would be the best upgrade for me if i want to continue gaming and making youtube videos?

I've heard that any GPU faster than an R9 280x will bottleneck the AMD FX 6300, I suggest you buy the best R9 280x available or any GPU that trades blows with it or even something that's slightly faster - make sure your power supply has more than 30 amps on the 12v+ rail to power those cards. Get yourself a 128 gb or 256gb SSD for faster boot time and a 1tb or 2tb HDD for more game storage.

It will only bottleneck in certain CPU intensive games. Even then not that much. 

Grab an R9 290

I refuse AMD GPU's so i was thinking GTX 970?

I had an amd fx 6300 and geforce 760 and sold both for an i7-4790k and geforce 970. Best choice ever! Also the fx 6300 will bottleneck that 970

How much was that puchase? you had to get a new mobo right?

Okay let's clear things up. 

THe FX6300 WILL NOT BOTTLENECK a 290 or a 970. Only in SINGLE THREADED GAMES will it bottleneck. EVEN THEN it will be minor. Your CPU is still very competitive. There is absolutely no reason to buy a 4790k. The i5 4690k is a cheaper option and in games loses nothing to the i7 because games don't use hyperthreading. It is a waste of money to buy the i7. Plus if you want to go Intel you need a new motherboard. I'd get a better cooling solution an OC the hell out of the FX and buy an R9 290.

An i7-4790k + a Z97 motherboard will run about $450+. An i5-4690k + a Z97 motherboard will run about $350+ 

I would highly suggest the R9 290. No clue why you hate AMD. Assuming just another nVidia fanboy. The R9 290 can be had right now for $250. Much cheaper than the 970. The 970 isn't that much faster at 1080p and at 1440P+ the 290 closes the gap and even beats the 970 in some games. 

I do not think the 970 is worth the extra $100+ dollars over the 290. 

I very much agree with Br3ttH. The AMD FX 6300 will definitely bottleneck any GPU faster than an R9 280x or GTX 960. If you plan on keeping the CPU, I extremely suggest that your final GPU upgrade would be an R9 285 or GTX 960.

In this video, you'll see the AMD FX 6300 paired with an R9 290 with SSAA at x2 and vsync off with average frame rates of 37 to 45 - as you can see, the pair has no ability of maintaining 60 FPS at all times in the outside environment of Metro Last Light at max settings, I doubt even with SSAA off - that it can do vsync at a constant 60 FPS - While I on the other hand who uses an i5 4670k - even at stock speeds paired with an R9 280x - can max out this game with vsync on at a constant 60 FPS and with Advance Physx and SSAA off of course.