Next Steam Sale?

Simply when is the next Steam sales? just waiting for the prices on my wishlist to signifcantly drop in an instant

As far as i know there is not gonna be any sales until the summer sale 2013. 

Steam has at least one game on sale every day, but you get more veriety around christmas or the summer time. (around June/July) They normally have Midweek Madness and Weekend Deals.


Check stam every day after 3:00 PM EST (-5:00 GMT) to find a game that you might like and also check bundle sites like , they have resonance in it, that alone make the bundle worth it. There's also where they have the magica bundle that I bought just for Deponia and if you bought the bundle for your self and bought one gift during happy hour, instead of getting one gift key, you get 4 gift keys. There's also but they're closed now and they had the THQ Bundle, I got Saint's Row III, 3 Company of Heroes Games, Red Faction with DLC and Metro 2033 for $7

Give those websites your email and check it every day, they'll notify you of bundles.

If you can't wait for Steam sales and you need the game right now!, you can get good deals from CD Key sites:

So far, I've bought from greenmangaming and cj's cdkeys and they're legit. Haven't bought from CD Key House, but I'm sure they're legit because I've heard of them before. I just bought from cj's cdkeys on inpulse not knowing if they're legit and it worked fine.

But when you buy CD Keys, make sure they're not Russian unless you live in Russia/Ukraine or know how to use a VPN and install Language Packs. I just bought Black Ops 1 Russian, but I had to use a Ukraine VPN to activate it and install the English Language Pack, (I basically payed for the Russian version and pirated the English Localization part)  but all of the menus and in game voice overs are in english and all the pre-rendered cutscenes are in Russian. (I gotta replace those .bik files) However, I wouldn't recommend the Russian Keys because it's technical and it may not work because you have to go through some bullshit to get Black Ops 2 to work because launching the game is region locked.

The Russian way is very cheap, but it's a pain in the ass and may not work, so if you ever try it, do your homework and don't blame me if you get screwed.


PS: This subject would make a very good video topic for Tek Syndicate. What's the point in knowing how to make a cheap Gaming PC if you don't know how to get cheap Games?