Next GPU Upgrade?

I am thinking of getting a 480 as I have a 370 right now. When I get towards the upgrade itself I don't think I'll want to do more than 230 USD. My rig now has a Xeon E3 1225 V 2 and I have a 500W PSU. I mainly stream with this rig and I have been noticing a lot of lag in my stream in games. I think it is safe to blame the rather lame 370 for that as a game like Overwatch doesn't use much CPU but still lags my stream greatly.

I was also looking at 970's as they should (SHOULD) be rather cheap to get I would think but all I ever see is like original retail price on those last gen cards. If anyone has any good suggestions please let me know :3

How desperate are you to get a new card? If you can wait till Vega drops you can have my 980 if you cover shipping

Ok where do you even live.

And what exact card is it.

Ha my only problem I guess will be power supply at that point....

Australia - and its an EVGA GTX980 SC ACX 2.0

Oof. Uhhh, well I'm pretty sure I could buy a 1070 for the price of shipping :Y thanks for the offer though.

i price checked 2 places. one says they'll do it for 40$ i think us dollars? another says 80 us/107 aus. it's worth it.

also, 1080p? 1440p? 4k?

1080p for now as the main screen. The others are 1280X1024 tho so no real worries there.

shipping from australia is bad but it's less then buying a new rx480 or a used 9 series. just do the shipping thing, and a 4g 980 will be fine at 1080 for quiet a while to come.

I'll sit on it I think @Kocytean. I am looking at a 1070 currently. I bet you could make someone else really happy :3 (I need the VRam [8GB] and the firepower will last for way longer than a 980 :3 )

Fair enough :) When Vega drops I'll probably just raffle it off to one of the other Aussies on the forums then

Thinking about this route myself, check this out

they might be even cheaper come monday.

LOL I'm also in the dell rewards program so I can get it for even less.

Geez I would be on that then

Its only 5 or 10 bucks lol but I have some points on there I bet I could get like 12 or 15 off.

Have you monitored the system [ including the network ] while streaming?

Yeah its a hardware issue I'm pretty sure. I could look at wifi issues I guess but the card I have works perfectly fine.

You're streaming a game through wifi?!

Well I don't really have any other choice lol. I know, I'm insane :P

We WOULD have had Ethernet all through the house but my dad was a fuckhead while the place was getting put up and "lost" all of the cable..... 20 years ago.

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Then I would monitor network traffic as part of it as well. You could be suffering from a bunch of things pertaining to the network while playing thinking your card is not pushing enough FPS.

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