Next Generation MacBook Pro

I normally don't like Apple Products, but this thing, this thing is a monster. It has a quad-core Ivy bridge i7 that turbo boosts to 3.7GHz, up to 768GB of SSD storage, 16GB 1600MHz RAM, GT 650m, Dual Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, Top that off with a 2880 x 1800 display and the fact that it is lighter and thinner than the previous MBP, and this thing is a winner. Of course, it will be expensive, and it will need to have a proper OS installed on it, but dang. I'm impressed with Apple. I hope some of the windows based hardware manufacturers follw suite.

Wow, impressive specs.  I highly doubt I would ever be willing to pay the price they will ask, however.  Also, temps might be a concern if it is indded thinner than previous MBPs.

That PPI of 220 is very impressive. I hope other manufacturers will keep up with the resolution of Apples retina displays.


By the way the cheapest you can get a 15" MacBook Pro is 2199 US Dollars

I want to sell my current 13in MBP for one. It's everythingin a computer I've ever wanted. Too bad that $2199 price tag is too much for a poor college student.

Oh god. Not surprised. 

The new MBP is un-upgradable so apple just screwed them selfs over

I just bought the new 2012 Macbook Pro 13". Got student discount so it wasn't a bad deal really. I've put Ubuntu on it already (ofc!) but I really like OSX. This is my first Apple computer and it is a pleasant experience so far. The screen is very nice (not retina obviously) and it's a nice fast machine. I am studying Computer Science at university starting next week, so this machine will do me well. I also make websites for people and this with my 23" Asus monitor makes it brilliant. It is NOT a gaming machine, however runs TF2 and Minecraft no problems.

Overall, I would recommend it to a friend if they were in need of a workhorse laptop, and if they had the money. It's not the highest spec machine out there by far, but I believe its ease of use and app store are very good.

I also use Android phones and tablets, and nothing iOS, and I don't feel like I'm missing out on any of the features that I'd have if I used iOS. Everything syncs with Google and works well.

When I leave University, I will be looking at getting a W7 desktop PC for gaming and home use, and keeping this as my main laptop.

I would buy one but the main factor stopping me is the price. Apple laptops are some of the best in user experience because of their track-pad gestures and even though I like Windows more, I think OS X has a better GUI, especially in Mountain Lion when you use it with the track-pad gestures it feels so seamless and natural.

I want a Macbook Pro... but I use all my money on guitars :(

I know that feeling mate ;)