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I am building a pc for a friend. The Gtx 650 ti boost 2gb is 139.99 right now but so is the 7850. Which is better? The 650 ti boost is superclocked by the way. And if the 650 ti boost is better than the 7850, then what is the amd equivalent of the card?

Well if you can find a 7870 or R9-270X for around the same price, they will be better at 1080p. That segment of the market is trixy since the same card can vary $10-20 between different stores. 

i believe the 7850 is better ("super clocked" doesn't make a difference if you overclock, which you should), but for $20 more you can get a 7870, or for $30 more you can get a 7870 with a direct cu cooler (after $20 rebate)

I only have 150 dollars to spend on the graphics card. I was wondering what would be  better for that price. My specs are as follows:

amd phenom ii x4 955 black edition

8gb crucial ballistix sport

msi 970a-g43

I realize that amd cards perform better in some games than nvidia cards and vice/versa but I need something that will play cod, bf3, batman arkham, and other triple a titles. I don't like cod but my friend is a fanatic, lol. I also know that that the gtx 650 ti boost is a pretty good card when it is in sli with another one. I don't know how good a 7850 would be when it comes to crossfire. I am not worried about the heat associated with sli/crossfire. I have a REALLY big case and a really good way of cooling it. (Don't ask what. Let's just say it involves cardboard, a dryer hose, and a lot of duct tape)

In the past AMD has been terrible when it comes to Crossfire (rendering times all over the place making the games twitchy). They now however claims to have fixed that with the latest drivers (I remain skeptical since I'm a Nvidia fanboy).

The 650Ti is better than the 7850. However, I would still recommend you check other shops for prices. In this Low-middle segment the prices shifts alot, and if you can get a 7870 for the same price as the 650Ti, get it. 

save up more money to spend. no point in waiting. 

Nuff sead ....

The 650ti boost has NEVER been better than a 7850.

the hd7850 has a higher pixel rate 27.5 GPixel/svs16.1 GPixel/s(boost).The hd7850 has a Wider memory bus 256 bitvs192 bit (boost).the hd7850 has More shading units 1,024vs768 (boost).the hd7850 has a Better 3DMark06 score 20,570vs17,330(boost).The hd 7850 even has a Slightly more energy-efficient load power consumption 271Wvs289W (boost). The hd 7850 overclocks better....i fail to see how a nvidiot can claim its a better card...

To begin with, we are talking about the 2Gb version, not the stock 1GB 650Ti Boost.

You can't compare amount of shading units between AMD and Nvidia. Stream units process data differently than CUDA, which then defines what memory bandwidth it actually needs. Only Actually measured performances (game FPS, GP-GPU score, rendering time) count when comparing and AMD to an Nvidia card. 

And you have no fact backing up your statement that "hd 7850 overclocks better". Overclocking potential is very card individual. And choosing a stock card with the believed intention you can OC it better than a factory overclocked is just stupid end reckless. Only if the actual idea of overclocking interests you should one choose overclock them self. There is no guaranty that your stock card can OC above a Factory OCs performance.

And thirdly you are so bogged down in your AMD fanboyism you are missing the point. At this pricerange he has the ability to find a better card for maybe just $10 extra bucks. Like the 7870, which I agree is better than the 650Ti Boost 2gb



Haveing a extra 1gb of vram makes zero differnce to the cards fps maybe 1-2 fps even if it made a differnce and i dont take biased benchmarking lightly.

Here is a ONEgb HD7850 beating a TWOgb GTX650TI boost

And you have no fact backing up your statement that "hd 7850 overclocks better"


 Cards all clock differently my own card i clocked up to 1000Mhz from 860Mhz this is a average overclock 1100Mhz + can be given out of a HD7850 overclocking is free performance and any fool can do it.

Like the 7870, which I agree is better than the 650Ti Boost 2gb

No shit sherlock a higher tier card beats a lower tier card who'd of known?

And what makes you think i am a AMD fan boy?

And where did i say a 7870 is not as good as ether of these cards the question is what is better the 650ti boost or the hd7850

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msi gtx 780 $520 , msi gtx 770 $330 or msi 280x $310????? .... does 3gb matters?

get the 7850. the 7850 and 650 Ti boost are similarly priced and both performs quite well. stock vs stock, a 650 ti boost is a teeny tiny bit faster, but once both are overclocked, the 7850 pulls ahead (clock per clock 7850 is faster). got mine to 1050/1300 and it performed like a champ! plus overclocking a 7850 is as easy as pie, considering the massive overclocking headroom.


Thanks guys! I've decided to get a 7950 because I found one for 200 and my friend came up with some extra money. I have always bought cards in the 250-300 dollar price range so when it comes to entry level cards I'm not very savvy. Thanks for the help though! And, from now on, I will post my particular questions in the appropriate category.