News this week?

hey i know there was no pgp stream yesterday does that also mean no news this week?

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They also cancelled the Sunday Twitch stream too. The twit blamed Roo, not sure if that was meant to be a joke though. I just hope they didn’t have to take Roo to a Vet or something.

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If anyone’s wondering regular news will be out tomorrow the E3 news was out today source:Lord Wendell via Twitter :slight_smile:


Thanks, I don’t pay any attention to Twitter more but since Wendell loves it, maybe I should give it a second chance… :thinking:

Roo is fine! Our schedule was really weird this last week so the filming schedule also got really weird lol.

Normally we shoot the news on Sunday afternoon, but since both Wendell and I were out with different events, we ended up shooting it Thursday evening instead. When the weekend rolled around, we were gone and the stream was cancelled. As Wendell said the regular episode should be out soon when it’s done from editing. :slight_smile: