Newly built PC no wifi?

why cant i connect my computer to my wireless internet ???? i just built this and just installed windows please help !!

Have you bought a wifi adaptor, or does your motherboard come with wifi?

i dont know if my motherboard supports it or not... its an intel dh77kc 

Erm, doesn't look like it. I could be wrong. However, you can buy a USB wireless adaptor for £10-15. Alternately, you can buy a PCI wireless network card for £20. So it isn't the end of the world

god this sucks !

the motherboard you have doesn't have built in wireless. You need to purchase a wireles network card or wireless network USB adaptor.

This motherboard does not have built in wireless internet connectivity, you will have to buy an adapter to connect to your wireless internet network. You do have choices between the internal adapters which use PCI-e (usually x1) or those that use PCI. These adapters will come with antenna that either attach directly to the back, or have cables that allow you to place the antenna lead elsewhere for better connectivity. I suggest getting an Intel centrino powered model, as they offer very stable connections, often with MIMO technology (multiple inputs, multiple outputs.) There are also USB dongles that you can use that either connect directly into the USB ports on the back of your computer, or you can use a USB extension cord to place the dongle elsewhere to improve your reception. Internal cards usually offer better reliability of connection, while USB dongles are usually cheaper, and are easier to install.

Single band internal:

Dual band internal (potentially faster, usually better connection stability when you have a dual-band wireless N network):

USB adapter: