Newer, simpler OSX VM install guide

We’ve split it into 2 parts so we can cover each step in adequate detail. Part 2 to come soon.



This makes me want to trying doing something like this again.

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the second section is gonna have a lot more asterisks than our first guide because of the way mojave changed graphics support unfortunately, but we’re trying to make the process a lot more beginner friendly.

This would be neat to run a small-as-possible linux distro and max out the VM.


Yeah, A lot of people came flooding in from the LTT video asking about headless setups (with laptops, old i3’s with no VT-D, etc.) – we’re setting up for a part 3 that covers this depending on how it goes because of how often it was requested.

The hardest bit on laptops is completely disabling the efi framebuffer if you want the integrated graphics to pass through, since gvt-d straight up doesn’t work on macOS

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Foxlet guide is awesome !!

Glad you like it! we’re working with him to add new features too, like painless virt-manager migration etc. Most of the testing and validation is coming from us.

out of curiosity does your 580 have the reset bug?

I could try this when I get home. I have a Fury, and to my knowledge it does not have the reset bug.

The Nitro + was the only one we’ve tested to be bug free. w10 generally recovers much better than linux or OSX guests on reset for some reason so it may appear you have a bug-free card when you actually just have a less severe version of it.

Not sure I have the SAPPHIRE RADEON NITRO+ RX 580 8GB, to get it working I had to use the ubuntu patched ACS Override Kernel, than installation was smooth but I couldn’t pass my keyboard just mouse for some reason.

when you force off or force reset the vm does it reboot fine?

yes restarted just normal


any unclean/shutdown crash issues that caused the VM not to restart?

nope everything looked like normal, but i didn’t play to much with it as
I couldn’t pass my keyboard i wiped the ssd and went back to hackintosh in the bear metal

I appreciate it. We’re building a DB of unbugged cards to help people out in future.

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nice Foxlet is on amd osx hackintosh discord I’m part of it too he gave some tips and I’ll definitely try again in the future i belive it will be the best way to run osx without windows messing up dualboot .


yeah, if you don’t have a drive to quarantine windows to there’ll be issues unless you use refind. got a link to that discord?


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HA! That’s the exact same one I have. :sunglasses: