Newegg RMA

So I'm RMAing my RAM because they're defective, but I don't have the original papers that came with it. I'd be returning it like it's seen below (With the ram in, of course):

Newegg support wasn't any help, and I've never dealt with Newegg with replacements before, so would they be anal about this?

no, not if you send it with the RMA forms. although, i've only dealt with logitech and amazon RMA, not newegg...


When I did my RMA's i just used the invoice from my email.  You can also locate the invoice on your newegg account order history.  Not sure what papers came with the ram you would need other than order number.  I recall just the plastic container when i got my last stick.

I RMA'd a NZXT Source 210 case about two months ago becuase the front panel pins were broke.  I first went to the manufacture and the sent me to newegg.  I had taken pictures of the broke pins and in my RMA i put the order number in there with date of purchase.  They approved the return and sent me a UPS sticker.  Looking at the RMA when it was completed they also inspected the case to verify it.

If you call Newegg's customer service, they are the nicest people I had to RMA a PSU to them once.