Newcomer here, advice on a build please

Greetings Everyone!

I was thinking of this building this:

I'm no stranger to building PC's but I sadly lost my last "main" rig (2600k, 16gb 1600 ram, 2x 670 gtx in sli, HAF X 942 Full tower, 5 HD's and SDD) along with everything else ive built in the past (about 6 computers) during Hurricane Sandy here in NY. Thank god for remote backups!!

I will be ready to build soon, however im using a friend's laptop (i7 3630qm, 12 gb ram, gtx670m etc) to tide me over until i can build my new desktop. Note that on my build I did not include storage, I managed to have a 1 TB HD that was not effected by the water.

I was wondering if this build would be better then the laptop I am currently running on. I play games (such as WoW, Skyrim, Fallout3/NV, Civ IV, Dragon Age, Minecraft, Sims 3) Video/photo editing/encoding, and RPG Maker VX ACE. I also work with virtual machines though virtualbox (Linux Distros). FPS in the various games I play is "ok" on the higher settings, and Encoding/photo editing is decent as well.

I am hoping to not spark an AMD vs Intel war here, but i've chosen an AMD processor because I wanted to try something different, not that the 2600k was bad at all.

Any input would help and be most appreciated,

Thank you

Yes, that will be better than the laptop. Most laptops really can't compete with desktops. Laptops just don't have the power neccessary to really compete.Your build looks fine, from what I can see. As long as you don't need an optical drive! I'd go with some ram that has a cas latency of 9, though.

Yeah, forgot to add that in my post, I have a DVD drive that survived and works perfectly fine. I also have a monitor to use: an ASUS 23.6" LED Backlit LCD, at 1920x1080 - this is the resolution that I will be working and gaming with. It is also the same resolution on this laptop that is being lent to me.

Well, from what I see there is not a bloody thing wrong with what you have chosen to go with here. One of my computers has the 6300 and I just love it. My second computer runs an i5 so you won’t get any fan boy from me. My only question is why Windows 7 pro? Are there specific needs you have that Windows 7 home won’t do? Besides that, if you can find a little more coin throw an SSD in for your OS as you will never regret it. The boot up times are so fast that once you use one you will never go back. Good luck with your build and have fun.

I use Windows 7 Pro because of that one little feature of Remote Desktop Connection between work and back, I don't think Windows 7 Home Premium has that feature that works both ways, I could be mistaken though. I also am not a fan of Windows 8, the metro interface is a turn off!

As for an SSD, I'm looking to wait a bit for the 512GB's to come down in price and grab a good one then. If the wait gets too long then I could always throw in a 256gb like i used to have.

  I’m not sure if Windows 7 Home Edition has that option either so I’d stick with what I know works too. I see the advertisement for Windows 8 with the little girl drawing pictures and showing them to daddy on Skype and thought, at least they are going for the correct demographics. Windows 8 is simply Microsoft trying to get into the phone and tablet market with their own OS and abandoning the desktop users. Can you imagine a large corporation using Windows 8? Not in my lifetime from what I have seen.

Just go with Ultimate x64, haha. Solves everything.