Newby needs Help! - Budgetish Build

Hi Guys!

You can probably tell but i am new round here, and im also new to the world of PC, having been a console gamer for about 6 years now.

I really want to get jump started on my first build and was just wondering peoples thoughts.

I have thrown together a build but i am not really too sure whether its the best value for my money? and i was also wondering what monitor to get, as this will be bought at a later stage as i don't really have the funds at the moment!

Build - 

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)


- Woe Is Matt

going the amd route eh? you can't go wrong with the power supply and the processor and the gpu or the ram. idk about the motherboard, make sure it has all your features you need. I would recommend the fractal design define r4 case- it runs quiet and i love it. Other than that, everything else on your list looks quite good

Its such a hard choice AMD or Intel, just thought i would try my luck with AMD first.

and awesome, ill definitely take a look at it! 

Thanks Bro!

use that mobo and I'd push for at least a R9 280... Define R4 is an excellent case...

5 pounds more, but with a 280, a clone to a Define R4, and better mobo... also added an aftermarket cooler, which you will want cause the AMD factory one is loud as hell and isn't really functional for the 8 cores... they get hot... you can overclock the 8320 to 8350 GHz easily...

added a ssd and crammed in a 280x by reducing 2 cores, that makes more sense than getting an 8 core in my opinion.

Thats with overclocking to 4.4-4,5, if dont want to oc get a 6350

Awesome, thanks man! I'll take that on board :)

Yeah i had heard that the need for 8 cores is pretty much non existent for what i will be doing anyway.. and i don't think i will be overclocking at this point in time, being a complete noob! but thanks for the help man, its really appreciated!