New Z97 mobo...opinions?


Thoughts and opinions on these new offerings from Gigabyte.... intel 9 series. Specifically the Gamer G1 series. I know details are few and far between but pro's and con's...

Sata Express = good, 'nuff said

6+2 powerphase digi vrm, looks fine, for a midrange board. alot of sata ports as i see, and ability to watercool the vrm´s. thats nice.

But yeah its gigabyte lol... ☺

Beautiful. Can't wait... It's like, they ditched the green for red though. I also feel, the colors don't look quite as slick as the current z87s. I personally like what MSI has done for their z97 aesthetics 

Out of all the Z97 motherboards I've seen, MSI and Asus have the best looking ones in my opinion. I actually think MSI has better looking motherboards than Asus in this lineup.