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New York Attorney General suing Charter Communications

He straight up came out and said "Spectrum-Time Warner has been ripping you off.".


"The allegations in today's lawsuits confirm what many of you have long suspected," he said. "Spectrum-Time Warner has been ripping you off."

I quite like this guy.


Well he is doomed. Probably getting fired next week.

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“Spectrum not only delivers its advertised Internet speeds, we have in fact raised the minimum broadband speeds that all our New York customers receive, at the same price," the company said.

So now we see why internet speeds are going up. They are trying to make the NN repeal look good XD

Yes i know. Its a necro just continuing discussion


love how it also says “Charter says that “virtually” all of its customers nationwide will have the option of buying gigabit-speed cable Internet service by the end of 2018.” but what charter means is in 2018 if anyone wants fiber they can have it as long as they have the pockets to pay for the line to be ran and installed and the super high cost of monthly service.

Well yes, it’s clearly says you have the option. Rolling out fiber to millions of people and eating the cost makes no sense.

from where i sit we have payed for it and they still have not delivered. 1996 telecommunications act it is why we pay taxes and fees for internet and phone lines copper or wireless or fiber .
@wendell would love a real deep dive into the 1996 telecommunications act as it would allow a whole new spin on net neutrality and what is and isnt being done that should be done.

I have charter, they recently doubled the speeds here in northern michigan, but also for the last like 3 months, my internet will stop working for like 30 to 180 seconds; often multiple times in 1 hour. So yeah, i might have close to 100gb/s but my internet isn’t good enough to not get disconnected from servers while playing multiplayer games or to even watch Netflix smoothly.

How the f*** do people find these threads, its been two years. Lawsuit happened, charter payed out 175 million. By the way charter’s net income in 2018 was 1.23 billion, total revenue 43.6 billion. They are still in New York still doing the same shit.