New X99 Build for Content Creation and Gam

I would gladly go for a z170 build but i feel i need the xtra cores and production with multiple apps open whilst streaming. So, with an X99 board, i want something that can sli, support an m.2 drive, and have room for a capture card. I will only be playing games at 1080p-1440p and want 60+ fps on my end and 60fps on the stream end. The most efficient motherboard and cpu combo is what I am after for this type of application and if you have any advise to the contrary just lay it on me. Thanks to all for the read and please offer your help. The future build and currenly owned equipment:

Well what can i say, your build looks basicly sollid to me.
The Asus X99-A II is basicly a decent entry level X99 motherboard that has all the futures you would basicly need.
It would be a very efficient choice in price to feutures.
And with that said, in your situation the 6850K 40 lane cpu would be a realy good choice aswell, especialy for future expendability.
So yeah i personaly realy dont have much to add to your build suggestions.

As far as budget goes, could i get away with a 6800k to save money and still have enough lanes for the current devices and config? I am trying to understand the manual as it pertains to pcie lane sharing and compatibility with sli speeds and m.2.

I decided to go for a single GTX titan rather than two 1070s. I always prefer a single card solution. SLI still has some bugs they need to fix and sometimes SLI doesn't work the way you want it to. A single card is just going to work, and a titan will give you ample performance for games at the resolution I have chosen.

I see that you have an assortment of really expensive monitors. I decided to stream line all of that down into a single 21:9 monitor. The monitor is IPS with a refresh rate of 75hz. Its absolutely perfect hybrid of gaming performance and productivity.

The only other big change I made was to the storage. I decided to go with a smaller and slightly slower SSD. In part I did this to keep costs down, but the other side of it is that I personally own a samsung 950 pro, and I can tell you that it is kind of a waste.

The only time I notice a big difference between the 950 pro and a regular SSD is when I am batch processing a LOT of photos.

In video editing, the speed of the drive does not matter all that much IF you have a lot of ram.

So what I did is I went with a slightly smaller and lower performing SSD so that I could save some money. I know it seems crazy to save money on a build like this, but I just genuinely can not justify the 950 pro since the intel drive is about half the price.

I swapped out the mechanical hard drive and the 480GB ssd for two 1TB ssds. I think that 2TBs will be plenty of storage, and it is big enough where you can record your videos directly to the storage drive. That is why I felt very comfortable making the main storage drive only 256GBs. I simply think you wont be using that drive as much as you might expect.

The rest of the components are far easier to understand.

The CPU is cheaper because the other CPU you had was rendered pointless.

I included 32GB of ram because that will help with video editing.

I downsized your cooler because the H100 series perform very similarly to the H80 series and the H80s are far more easy to take care of and maintain. I personally would actually recommend you go with a full air cooler since it would be quieter which would help with recording.

Case is the same

The power supply is ultimately the same, but it is cheaper and a better made power supply. (Corsair power supplies are not all that great).

The keyboard and mouse are also relatively the same. I personally have a razer naga that is very glitchy. The cursor will just randomly freeze and it is a known problem.

I recently replaced my naga with a logitech G600 and I absolutely love the G600. It fits the hand a bit better, and it costs like 1/4th the price AND it is RGB.

Its more or less the same deal for the keyboard. You are getting a much better and higher quality keyboard for the same price with very similar features. Kind of a no brainer.

The last thing I did on the computer itself was change the mobo to the MSI SLI plus. I love asus, but for what ever reason their x99 boards have been really buggy. I have two x99-a boards sitting in a box because they will not get past the splash screen. And asus can not give me an RMA number because they can't seem to figure out how to run their RMA department.

I ended up getting an MSI gaming 7 board and I absolutely love it. It works like a champ. I wish I had purchased the sli board though because the gaming 7 board uses a killer ethernet controller where as the SLI board has a intel ehternet controller which is IMO far more reliable.

Alright. Onto the last bit of this wall of text.

You should really do more research on audio. You should invest in a good pair of headphones and a proper microphone setup.

I personally think your bare minimum setup should be the sennheiser HD598s an audio technica atr2500 and a proper mic arm.

That should cost you about 250 to 300 in total. I would not hesitate to spend an upwards of 750 just on audio alone. You could have the greatest game streams in the world, but if the video sounds like shit, no one will watch you.

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Thank you for being thorough and for all the advice. Yeah, some of the equipment I just happen to already own and would have made different choices for them since it was years ago. I agree with the most of it and will take the advice with me for future purchases.

6800K is basicly a good choice aswell.
And yeah i agree with @Tjj226_Angel that a single more highend gpu would most likely cause you less headaches as 2 lower spec'd cards.

As far as the motherboard goes, i have to disagree with Tj.
I would personaly stick with the Asus X99-A II, because its a better board imo.
Aside from the fact that the Msi X99A Sli plus will not work with a Broadwell-e cpu out of the box,
unless it gets a bios update from the factory before shipping.
Because it will need a bios update firstly, and since Msi does not have a feuture like Asus and Gigabyte to allow to flash the bios without a cpu installed.
You could pretty much end up in bad luck.

My recommendation either go with the Asus X99-A II or Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming.

From what I understand, the MSI board does work out of the box.

They updated with usb 3.1 and a bios for the broadwell-E chips.

The gigabyte boards have a lot of bad reviews. I have also been screwed by gigabyte in the past. I would either stick with MSI or asus.

The only thing I like about the gigabyte boards is that they have usb type c thunderbolt 3.

Other than that, I would not touch them with a 10 foot pole.

Gigabyte is basicly nice, they seem to have improved on their bios allot.
Back in 2014 wenn X99 platform launched, the Gigabyte bios was indeed pretty buggy.

Another nice board i would like to trow in the mix is the Asrock X99 Taichi.
Pretty feuture rich board for a good price.

About the Msi X99A Sli plus, i´m not fully sure if that board was released within the Broadwell-E refresh family,
like the Msi X99A Gaming pro Carbon, Msi X99A Tomahawk and Msi X99 Titanium etc.
And they also had some X99 workstation board if i remember correctly.