New Workstation Ideas/Thoughts?

Hey there, been a huge fan of L1T for a few years and enjoyed the content and thought id pop in and say hi to yall lovely people

So at the moment im running a Threadripper 2970WX CPU/128GB 2933mhz Memory/Radeon Pro Duo GPU with Ubuntu 22.04 and looking for an upgrade due to the hardware feeling like its a little stale and outdated due to modern hardware and since we have some new Threadripper PRO / Intel Fishhawk Falls ( New HEDT Platform) coming/already avaialbe and my plans are the following;

      • 32 Core Intel / Threadripper
      • Use the same memory / maybe upgrade to a 3600Mhz kit as stronger IMC being able to handle it
      • Upgrade the GPU to something like a RX 7900XT
      • Get a few more monitors

My main use case is upscaling Video/Footage using Machine learning and at the moment it seems my CPU and memory is the main limitation due to not being able to feed the GPU as fast as i would like and seems that my IO is limited as i have a few 4x4 NVME RAID cards but the cards seem slower than usual compared to benchmarks on a modern Xeon system ive tried it on

a new GPU would be nice as i could then start using Parallel computing and expand my knowledge and use cases for ML and be able to get my education/career opportunities expanded.

anyone else got a similar build done / planned and curious to see what your guys thoughts are on a build like this and if you were in the same boat im curious what yall would do?


I cant help much with HEDT choices, but…

Now, that sounds interesting, and if you are up for it I’d love to see the setup, software stack, some before and after results… A community blog perhaps?

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I would say, unless you need to get one NOW, wait until Bergamo comes out later this year. Anything you buy today will age like fine milk, will be great for a few years but I think within the next two years we will see USB 4.0, PCIe 5.0, DDR5 across the board.

I would invest in more screen real estate if you do not already have three 4k screens, and then a 7900 XT / 4090 Ti. Even though the 4090 Ti will require a small portable Nuclear reactor to run, by the looks of it… :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a newly released Threadripper Pro, 5000 series. At the moment you can only get them from OEMs (Lenovo and Dell), but retail availability is expected in the coming months. This is a refresh on the last 3000 series, but with Zen3 CPUs up to 64 cores. But otherwise offers good but pricey workstation boards and 128 lanes as well as 8 memory channels.

Intel Fishhawk Falls, rumored to be released autumn/winter 2022 is your new Intel candidate with DDR5 and PCIe 5.

AMD also is expected to release their new Genoa server CPU later this year, with 12 DDR5 memory channels and 128 PCIe 5.0 lanes and up to 96 cores. But you may miss desktop/workstation features in this server platform.

I’m not sure if Intel provides 64 or 128 lanes, but 3-4x PCIe x16 slots or 7 slots may not make a difference. All have vastly more expansion capabilities than consumer boards.

We had a long gap in the workstation segment with Intel underperforming and AMD not releasing new Threadrippers as expected. End of 2022 will certainly see new options. At the moment it feels more like a calm before the storm, although “storm” might be exaggerated

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One thing to keep in mind; HEDT might very well be absorbed into the main consumer platforms, too. The only thing a 16 core threadripper really does better than the 5950X is the PCIe lanes on the platform. As PCIe lanes become less and less important, so too the last advantage of the HEDT platform fades away.

That said, wouldn’t surprise me if a clear line between the lower end Ryzen and higher end Ryzen shows up, too.

at the moment i am using a 8K 60hz Dell monitor i got for 600 used what was a steal! but looking to get myself a few used 2560x1600 Dell monitors as ive seen them on Ebay and other sites for under 200 each

I’ve only have 1 slot out of 7 left. :wink: :grinning:
And already did tricks with a PCIe riser cable to move a GPU to a different location so it doesn’t block another slot. :grinning:

I’m looking forward to CLX

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I am currently trying to get beta new-agesa bioses working in boards I have. I strongly suspect pbo is working on 3000 series tr pro

If you’re in the Houston area I’ve got a few you can have for $100 a pop.

Holy christ that’s a $3700 monitor for like 85% off. I wouldn’t mind having one of those

Just throwing it out there…. Is it possible to distribute the work across multiple machines (or multiple jobs concurrently or are you dealing with larger single jobs)?

Because you can probably get a lot more cores in multiple 59xx series ryzens than you can in a single thread ripper for the money.

I have tried that in the past and all that does is introduce some more latency and bottlenecks for eg, networking. money isnt an issue really as this current build has lasted me a good few years now and made it all back + more from side projects + day job, so willing to spend on the next build and have it all inside one machine.

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Sadly in Ottawa, Canada

I know right! had a work colleuge throwing one out as 2 of the USB ports at the back are not working, but hey i couldnt care less, i took it home and gave it a wipedown and it functioned like new minus the lack of USB on display! its a solid monitor and great for my video enchantment workloads

Ross Video would like to know you’re employment status :money_mouth_face: