New workstation build

I am building a new workstation and I need some advice on the components for the build.

I am an architectural/interior designer and do a lot of Ray-tracing (CPU-intensive) and post-processing but I would also like the computer to double over as a gaming rig. I just need a machine with as many cores as possible, as much RAM as possible, and a GPU which can handle the latest game titles at 1080p with all settings maxed out.

So far I'm looking at:

CPU(x2)                         Intel Xeon E5-2697 v3

motherboard                  Asus Z9PE-D8 WS

RAM                               Corsair Dominator Platinum (64GB) DDR3 

GPU                               EVGA 6GB GeForce GTX Titan

system drive                  480 GB kingston v300 SSD SATA6 Gb

Storage                         Any 4TB SATA-III HDD


I have no idea what case would be compatible with this setup and how much power will I need. If you have any other suggestions or corrections to my list please feel free to point it out.

I would stay away from those Kingston V300s, they've been known to swap the NAND out for cheaper/slower stuff. Grab a Samsung 850 Pro or an ADATA SP920 instead. Also, the reliability of the 4TB and higher drives is less than great. If you could RAID a couple of 2TB drives instead, that might be a better situation. 

Here's a suggestion build,

Coolermaster have a wattage calculator:


Dual 12 core *tips hat to you sir*

+1 friends don't let friends buy Kingston V300s.


Really I'd argue for this application the Samsung 850 Pro would be your best option. Expensive yes. But one of the best SSDs available.

I'd also recommend against one large (4TB) drive. You are better off with several smaller (1-2TB) drives. Much more reliable and you could put them in RAID to get some redundancy and a speed boost. 


If you have your eyes on Haswell-EP Xeons (V3), might as well go for the c612 chipset :D

It's all brand spanking new chipset, DDR4, basically future proof for 3 years MINIMUM

JUST YESTERDAY, ASUS announced their update to the board you selected, based on the C612



I will definitely check that out. Thank you so much for pointing that out sir!

Any suggestion for a power supply?

Any nice quality 600w should do.  Stuff from XFX, Seasonic, Corsair, EVGA(mostly, stay away from the G1 and NEX line) should do well.

For more info on power supplies, here's a nice site:

If going 4TB, Go with a well rep brand like WD Blacks. 5 year warranty and keep a backup with say your old drives or something. Just be aware that they do have a higher failure rate because there are more platars inside compared to a standard drive. Also if the 850 Pro is too expencive, 840 pro was the king os speed and is still one of the best and the 840 evo is the king of longevity speed behind the 850 pro.

The 850 pro is the best of both the 840 pro and evo.

The 850 pro is the best of both the 840 pro and evo.

A bit confusing in terms of wording.  If you meant that the 850 Pro is better than the 840 Pro and 840 Evo, then you're correct.

and the ten year warranty on the 850 pro is hard to beat