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New W10 install freezing at loading screen


So I bought a pc second hand, its an old Core2duo, 3Gb ram, HD 5750 and a 500Gb HDD. it had windows 7 on it, was working fine, speedy actually. Then I installed windows 10 using the media creation tool and just selected upgrade the pc. It froze just as Windows 10 was loading for the first time, so I tried again and still happening. I plugged in my other WD blue that has windows on it already to see if it was a hard drive issue but nope, still does it. I don’t understand how it worked fine on Windows 7 but not with 10? Any ideas?


That is really old system… I recommend you go the linux route. If you insist… you are gonna find endless stream of issues. Unsupported gpus , limited ram, and whole plethora of other issues. I would either return to 7 or take a hard look at some linux distros.

I find the making a current usb installer and allowing it to fully update during install sometimes gets past this issue. It may take a great deal of time.


Have you tried booting into safe mode?


I did imagine I’d have driver issues due to the age of the PC but I at least expected to get past the spinning logo screen. I will try the usb route and see if I get anywhere. (your idea for Linux is noted, I’m tempted)


Path of least resistance… and better experience even if you have to learn something new.


I tried that but as it attempts to open the repair screen, it still freezes so it’s leading me to believe the first freeze and reset may have corrupted the install. As the first reply said I’ll give a usb a go and report back


Keep your 7 key handy… Once you get it to 10 your cool but that old of hardware… nonsupport somewhere.


That odd ball 3 gigs of ram… :frowning: in the modern age. That means stuff will take longer than you think it should. Like loading a window 10 iso.


Before I try the reinstall I’m going to put in the Q6600 and I’ve got 8Gb of ram to install now so I’m hoping things work out a little better this time. Either way, a Linux machine could be good fun


It is your literally your best bet for path of least resistance. Mint … if you are just starting out. It is different from windows but so many guides that are far more clear and concise than windows could ever be.

Modern linux is a decent daily driver. Once you use to " da way " It is pretty easy :slight_smile:

I do not really wanna shill for linux but Windows will more than likely tell you to kiss their ass…
Buy newer hardware


So an update: Tried booting from the USB without a HDD installed and it still freezes at the spinning logo when booted just from the USB, so it clearly hates windows 10 for some reason. Then I tried booting Linux from the USB which had an ISO burned on it of Mint. It came up saying it cant find an operating system, literally telling me the USB is blank. This computer seriously doesnt want an OS installed, kinda wish I just left W7 cause it was perfectly fine till then. It clearly doesn’t boot from a USB properly, Its not a hardware fault, that much I do know. it just seems to be struggling to take an OS ever since I tried upgrading it to W10 which then forze, I restarted the PC and ill assume I I corrupted it. any other ideas?


By far a best way to make your usb installers but you may need to boot into the bios and make a couple of changes first … If something that old has secure boot it needs shut off and also tell it to use the installer usb as the boot drive. Sometimes you do get corrupted images.

I would be tempted to return the hardware to its original state and default the bios. Built your linux usb installer with Rufus. Make your adjustments to the bios and tell it to boot off the usb. The less ram seems to matter when loading up an iso for the first time

Iso type 32 or 64 bit should be factored in.

Which leads me to the question of whether or not you have matched Os versions( home/pro ect ) or type 32 bit or 64 bit.


So I thought I’d update: I SOLVED IT and honestly, I dont know if I should be mad or overjoyed. The issue was a damn USB hub in the PCI lane. I removed it and now windows 10 is working fine. I honestly felt like launching the machine out the window lol. Thank you for your support and advice and also thank you for introducing me to Mint. I will certainly be playing around with it!


Windows 7 and usb hubs… choking on my coffee… :slight_smile:


The hub came with the PC so the last owner must have installed it but I never even suspected it was the issue, I was becoming convinced the motherboard was on its way out and I’d just have to replace it. Well all is well that ends well I suppose!


It is easy to forget the bad of the previous versions. I use to completely dread reinstall because of usb hubs I had. I had a whole convoluted method to install the drivers and get it to register and operate correctly.


You may have a setting in bios to the tune of continue boot on error or some such phrasing. Or stop on error…ect. It can be disabled.