New Video Card = Brighter display?

OK, bought myself a new-ish video card for me. Before I was rocking a XFX RX 470. My kid needed a new video card in his pc, so bought myself a new video card so i could give him mine to upgrade his.

Bought myself a Gigabyte RX 580. Not a huge jump I know, but hey, it’s newer.

But i’ve noticed something since installing it. EVERYTHING, SEEMS TO BE MORE VIBRANT. I mean colors, the brightness of the display, seem to be brighter.

I’ve been messing with computers fince the mid to early 90’s and I’ve never seen a jump in image quality like this in my lifetime.

Can a new video card really affect image quality this much? If so, this is new and cool to me.

they are both 4th gen gcn so there should be little to no difference in graphic output
other than the fps each card can spit out.
from what i can see they are basically the same card with bits lopped off the 470 to reduce price.

so i would think its likely a new cable, or your amd gfx control panel has changed the defaults.
if not maybe some other system process that dimmed the screen is no longer active after the card swap.


My first thought was AMD control panel resetting, which if that’s so, it’s possible the color depth, color output or dynamic range were set to higher settings than before.


Are you using the same HDMI/Display port on your monitor? Most monitors have per-input brightness/contrast settings, so this is my guess. Otherwise try resetting your screen and GPU settings to default. If you’re using linux try using a live USB to check colours there.

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This - I mostly own nVidia cards so it doesn’t translate directly, but I’ve had multiple instances of changing either a monitor or video card and this box in the control panel sets itself to limited dynamic range:


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if AMD has a similar option buried somewhere in their control panel and you’ve been in some kind of reduced dynamic range mode this whole time.

Just a guess.


AMD does have it, I just can’t remember exactly where it’s at. It’s been a year since I had my 5700xt installed.

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

I’ve been busy with new job, and haven’t had time to check this post. But good information to know.

I definitely am not complaining, but it just seemed odd to me. I guess I wasn’t getting the full potential of my graphics quality before the swap. Everything is much brighter, and clearer. So no complaints here.

Awesome replies.

You hit the digital vibrance/color profile button on your monitor when moving it around maybe? Lol if so

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I doubt it, but it could be possible. I did not move the monitor when hooking up new graphics card. But when I set it up originally, i could have, and now the monitor is on it’s default settings maybe? All I know, is it looks great, and I am happy.