New USB Headset please

Hey, I'm looking for a new USB headset for my computer ( I don't have a sound card ) and I was wondering of anyone has any suggestions. I have been looking at the logitech g930 for $110,  but it does not matter if it has button on the headset or not all i need is a mic and a button to mute the mic. 

I'll be mainly using the headset for music and gaming with skype on ( I don't care about the mic of  the headset, as long as my friends can understand me I'm fine).

turtlebeach sometins

the 930 is pretty good, but make sure you keep the LGS software up to date, otherwise, you'll have software problems....

or, the siberia v2's are pretty good as well, just make sure to buy the usb card

turtle beach isn't very durable.....

I would go with the Rosewill RHTS-8206 headphones. Based on personal experiance, they are durable. Great for music and gaming

The vast majority of headsets give you much lower input and output quality than you would get from buying parts separately. For the same price (or less actually) you could get yourself some good headphones like the ever-popular-for-PC-gaming Audio Technica ATH-AD700 for as low as ~$70 or on average ~$90

Then you get yourself a generic desktop mic that use a 3.5mm jack (even these cheap <$15 mics are usually better quality than headset mics).

Need a headset specifically to carry it from device to device without hauling a mic? No problem. Many people often use cheap $2 pieces of velcro to fix their mic to their headphones completely securely so that it will never come off unless you want it to. You can then feed the mic cable down along the headphone cable and bind them with velcro or whatever you want to use.

Need USB specifically because some devices don't support 3.5mm jacks? No problem. It's very easy to get a converter that converts a 3.5mm audio and mic jack to a single USB connector. Just order one with your mic and headphones.

Voila. Now you spent less money and got sound and mic quality so far ahead of a headset you will be angry the headset companies tried to sell you cheap hardware for that price.


Though, if you really really really want a headset, Sennheiser makes good headsets and they at least try to not make them totally crap. Even their budget stuff is acceptable. I can personally vouch for them, as I was given a $60 sennheiser headset and the quality of both the mic and headphones are just dandy, though definitely not true headphone quality, and the mic was not as good as a $15 desktop mic, though still very usable.


Edit: Just to add on to this, most motherboards' onboard sound is more than good enough to discern between a bad headset and good headphones. You only need a good sound card if you are going to enter the $200 or maybe even $150 headphone range.

usb is better than the onboard sound card

Try the Corsair Gaming headests. I heard they are pretty beefy and have an all aluminum construction, well besides the cups and mic.

Shell out the extra for the AD 700s imo. But if you really want a good usb headset, I second the guy who suggested the rosewill vibrating headset They sound sick, my good friend owns them

well I looked at some and the corsair 2000 seems to only last a few months to a year according to Newegg. maybe im just looking at the wrong product

Well I have been enlightened by you guys and I have decided to get the siberia v2 (w/ mic and built in usb sound card) or the Rosewill vibrating headset. Or should I go and buy a good headset, a magnetic mic and  a sound card.

The reason I didn't want a to buy a regular pair of headphones is because I didn't want a sound card, not because I don't have the money for it (i have about $300 to blow off). But because I don't think I'll be able to enjoy or acknowledge the quality the sound card would give me. I am only 14 and haven't been really been opened to the music world, I listen to techno, instrumental metal along with some classical and jazz from time to time. Therefore I don't think spending 50~200 dollars for a sound card is worth it. And how much better is a sound card? I read forums with people saying things like "if you plug in shity headphones to a sound card you would still see a difference between that and on-board audio" so is having a sound card that much better?

Not if you dont have >$100 heaphones, if you have ath m50s and up, yes there is a difference, but for you, I would go with the Rosewills

K thanks for your time