New Upgrade for 1 year old PC

Hi Everyone!

It's been a year since I bought my gaming PC and now I think it's time to upgrade it. Since the VGA and CPU are still good enough maybe it would need  to buy a new 120 GB+ SSD or a new Screen Monitor.
I did some research and found this monitor
Seems well suited for the task. I havent quoted any SSDs so any recommendations are welcome. My budget for monitor is 300 USD max and for the SSD 200 USD. I am from Chile and here hardware is more expensive so im giving US prices to have a global reference. Here is my Gaming PC Rig If you think i might wait for some new Hardware products coming out soon let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Link for monitor not working. Money best spent on a ssd anyway, your existing monitor - Samsung... is more than fine.

Good ssd's -  anything from Intel, Samsung, higher end models from Adata, Crucial, Kingston, Sandisk are also worth a look. Avoid OCZ if you can.

SSD probably seem the right thing to upgrade. You could get for example an R9 280x to crossfire, but you would need a more powerful PSU...

I now Link the monitor i was thinking to buy
Im planning on selling my current monitor to a friend and buy the ASUS one because it doens't have glossy screen  like the Samsung which is very annoying and its height adjustable, a plus factor.
This is the monitor I wish to sell
In any case my priority as you stated is the SSD, im looking for a 120 GB here in my Country, there are many options and they are not cheap, i would appreciate if you could go through these websites to see what you most recommend : 

Regarding the crossfire, i didnt know I could do that, but I cant do it now because I accidentally tear off the socket of my upper PCI EXPRESS slot when removing my VGA for cleaning, I wonder if there is a way to fix it with RMA or sth, it really is a shame, now I have to put the VGA on the bottom slot.
Im also looking to buy a newbetter headset  , I have the CAL! I can  spend twice as much as the CAL price.
Or maybe a gaming sound system if there is such a thing,  whatever is more recommend from you. But if that doenst apply to this forum please tell me where to ask for that kind of help.
Thanks again amigos 

these 3 SSD's would be the best choises in my opinion. They are all very fast, reliable and from well know companies, and with good reviews.,5.Force.Series.GS

Thanks for helping me narrowing down my options. Which one of those 3 would be the final recommendation? I really need to make a choice pronto.

Personally I'd roll with the kingston.

That being said while SSDs are awesome and do wonders for your PC Experience... buying a 2nd monitor was an even better decision for me. It allows me to watch shows, IRC, read the news and do plenty of other things while full-screen gaming without having to constantly minimize.

Que tal,
As much as cool double monitors may sound, I can´t afford that luxury, not only financially but space wise, my desk can barely fit one monitor x). Also my friend needs a gaming monitor so by selling it to him I have the chance to buy me a new better one.

I will consider buying the kingston SSD. My last question, is it worth it to stretch and go for a 240 GB SSD?  I think not since the damn things are so pricy, specially in my country. IF you look at my computer rig you would think it boot Windows pretty fast but interestingly it does not, Hard drive has been slowing me down for quite a while.Thanks for sharing your thoughts compadre

I have my Windows 7 OS on a 120gb Kingston HyperX 3K SSD.  Boot times are under 15 seconds from totally off to desktop.

I can survive on 120GB, but I think that 240GB will be a lot nicer.

yea but i think that 240 GB SSD are way to costly if we consider value for money. I'll buy a 120 SSD and I'll tell you how it goes.