New update

Thought I would drop another update. I was able to get the rest of my stuff to my new place. Came close to losing the 2nd load due to my Mom's had a found on roadside dead incident. The drive shaft broke at the universal joint, I still managed to get the load of my stuff to my place at least. I can also thank my new friend Jan for helping my mom out seeing she was stranded.

I am in the process of switching over to a new camera, it is an older SLR camera, which is the Pentax X70. It is capable of 720P at 15 FPS, which is a step up from my webcam. I also won't be limited for a cord. I do plan on doing up a couple of videos involving windows server 2008. I am readying outlines for that and also prepping my Dell Dimension E310 for the tutorials. Some of those tutorials will include:

  • Print Server
  • Active Directory (Domain Controller)
  • DHCP Server
  • File Server
  • Installation of Windows Server 2008

I will eventually get some Linux tutorials up and running. I have no knowledge of Linux mods. I am still Learning the arts of Linux desktop and server.

There is a possible chance that I will have Jan (mentioned earlier) be joining with the Skull Abyss crew. He is doing the same Major I am doing as I speak right now. He also has knowledge of computer programming in a couple of languages to. So I might talk him into doing a series of tutorials if he becomes bored.

When I get my new room done, cleaned, organized and free of boxes, I will do up a video of the entire setup and possibly a tour of my apartment. My desk will still have the same setup with a few small differences. I will eventually have internet, which I will go with Verizon DSL, or earthlink over Time Warner Cable. I know the speeds won't be as high, but I would have better customer service over speed for the time being. Unless I can get a good deal with Time Warner then I might go that route.

If you guys have any questions to ask me, send me an email [email protected] or text me 607-483-3796, just tell my your user name and actual name and with your question and I will respond as soon as I can, if I don't respond within 24 hrs, that means your question might be in a video inbox or I might be busy doing something.