New Upcoming TCG! Infinity Wars! Steam Greenlit! In beta now! Come join!

So I've been playing a new digital TCG that's recently been greenlit on steam.

The game is named Infinity Wars. It plays closer to MTG, but has more depth to it.


Here's a pretty basic understanding of how the game is played. Also included are some examples of what you might see during play.


Each turn you are given 1 recurring resource, meaning 1 resource on turn 1, 2 on turn 2, and so on.

You can gain extra resources with characters that give you an extra resource for each turn, one of them being a 0/2 character named "Wealthy Noble." Every turn that this character is in play in either the support, assault, or defensive zone, you gain 1 extra resource for each card with that ability. So if it is turn 1, you play Wealthy Noble, turn 2 you will have 3 resources. After that, on turn 3, if you haven't played another copy of this card, you only gain 1 resource like you normally would and have 4 resources.


On the playing field there are 4 zones.

There's the Command zone, where you put 3 characters (preferably with abilities that you can activate) that are used to buff, debuff, or flat out kill another character on the field.

Then there is your Support zone. This is where you play your characters from your hand to the field. If a character has haste, it can be played immediately into either the assault or defensive zones. If it has charge, it is played immediately to the assault zone. If it has vigilance, it is immediately played to the defensive zone.


Now for the battlefield.

There are 2 zones that are used to block incoming attacks, and attack the enemy player.

These are called the Assault and Defensive zones.

Your Assault Zone is used to attack the opponent's characters that are in their defensive zone, and if there are none, attacking the opponent directly.

The Defensive Zone is used to block incoming attacks from the opponent.


In a "Normal" style game, each player starts with 100 health and 100 morale. If either go to zero, that player loses the game.

Health is lost through direct damage to the player.

Morale is lost from characters being killed on the playing field.

Each character has a morale cost. If that character dies, that player loses the morale cost of that character.

You can find the morale cost directly under the resource cost to play that character.


Like how the game works? Come sign up on the game's website:

I'm currently talking to one of the developers about creating an invite code just for Tek Syndicate.

If you're excited and want to start playing now, leave a comment below and stay posted on this for the invite code when it gets updated! :D

I myself, have been streaming this for the last few days. It's an interesting take on a TCG and a lot more competitive than HearthStone in my opinion.

Hmm... I thought there were some MTG players here... guess I was wrong? :o