New & Unique Game Controller!

Take a look at this controller on kickstarter; I am backing it and am hopeing they make their goal so I can get my hands on this hardware!  If you like cool game controllers, you probably want to check this out:

This looks so bad ass, I like using a mouse but not so much a keyboard, it's really easy to misplace your hand and get killed during a FPS, for games like assassins creed and Batman I just use the 360 controller

I can't tell you how many times I have cursed my keyboard and fat fingers during a FPS game!  I have been trying to avoid a 360 controller, but will probably go that route if this project is not funded on kickstarter.  Guess I shouldn't have invested in such a great mouse when I may have to revert to the 360... ouch!

This looks very awkward to me, but that just might be because I'm used to the keyboard. I'd have to actually use one in order to determine whether or not I would like it.

Looks awkward. Who needs all that range of motion for FPS games. The way I cycle with WASD to avoid being hit and all that would probably be very annoying on this controller. It could also be immersive... Hard to say without trying it.