New ultra budget build for a friend

I am planning a new budget gaming PC for a friend. I am looking toward the 2200g but don’t know what motherboards are shipping with the new bios. Any1 who knows some cheaper b350 board that is shipping with the latest bios, please tell me!

You can’t be sure that the board will have the latest BIOS, but you can get a “boot kit” from AMD, which is essentially just an older APU that will work, to allow you to update the BIOS.

As @SgtAwesomesauce says you can receive a boot kit from AMD for free if you have any BIOS issues at this point in time. Motherboards are really a personal preference unless a board has a known issue of course. But Asus and Asrock have worked well for me. The main things I look at are the VRM and the built in NIC. Also, I know this is a budget build, but I would highly suggest getting a 2400 if at all possible. The extra threads will really help in the long run. Let me know if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Have you considered a used Dell tower instead?

(an example listing below)

Add a SATA SSD, and for example a GTX 1050ti.

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Not really, as I want this to last many years in upgrades, and will not buy Intel because of all the recent bugs.

When it comes to computers, you have to understand that the longer you want it to stay away from obsolescence, the more money you need to put into it. It’s a scale of diminishing returns and if you don’t have a ton of money, a system like @dent_nz recommended will last a good 3 or 4 years. Upgrade path is realistically GPU only, but that’s a cost of getting a working gaming system for $500.

Keep in mind that the only things you’d really need to throw out is CPU, Mobo, RAM and PSU if you decide to upgrade a core component. Storage, peripherals and GPU can migrate with you.

Dell (and HP) business machines tend to get BIOS updates for years after manufacture, correcting any major issues.
The 9020 has an updated BIOS: