New Ubuntu launches Thursday

If you are not in need of these latest features than you should probably stay with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as you get support for 5 years and it should be more stable.

It's getting SystemD now though right?

15.04 has SystemD yes. It will make your system boot ever so quicker but for a home user it isn't worth the trouble.

Personally I cant wait to throw that on my home server

Eh reinstalling is half the fun.

You haven't truly lived until you have ran a rolling distro in nightlies. It is fun to see how long it will run.

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I quickly grew tired of rolling distros because of my broadcom hardware

I tried 8.1 once before it was okay. Went straight back to win8. (using 8.1 now...)

I think that was before the mouse throttle was fixed or whatever they did.

Do you guys have to do a fresh install of your linux when a new version happens or does it do that transfer magic like if doing a windows upgrade? (obviously backing up would be highly advised any scenario).

Depends on the distro really.

Kai I would say most home users will be okay with normal release since it also provides performance and kernel updates... They are still very stable

LTS realses get features and kernels handed down from the non-LTS realese (look for the point realease, 14.04.2 for instance).

Yeah but I still think LTS .. Is better for workstations and servers for a no change system which is fair enough.. And for multimedia performance oriented latest update..bleeding edge home systems I still see normal release being very suitable vs lts

Can't wait for the release. Anyone have an idea when on the 23rd the downloads will go live with the final stable version?

Well its the 23rd on this side of the world and still nothing :/. I'm presuming when everyone gets into the Ubuntu office in 2-3 hours time they will then do the release.

Interesting that its the same day as Openly Secular day (random thought)