New tv recommendations

I am moving into a new house and mother is making me buy a tv for when she visit’s. So I want to get a tv that meets my standards so I want a 4k hdr 50" one. This is the one so far that (Sony KD49XE8004BU), I would like it to have component for my ps2? I am in Ireland. Thanks?

Not that many to choose from with those criteria:

PS2 uses composite video (i.e. 1 video cable, 2 audio cables), not component (i.e. 1 cable per color) as far as I know.

When it comes to TV’s there is a lot to be said about just walking into Asda / Walmart and buying what they have sat on a pallet still in the box near the entrance. Just expect to have to replace it in a few years. You can spend a whole heap of money on TV’s once you start to get specific on specs or want the very latest thing.

By buying what the shop can get in cheap you will have the current state of TV technology at a reasonable price. The issue with wanting the latest and greatest thing from your TV (much as you might for a PC) You are then stuck with a device in your living room that will still need replacing in a couple of years.

This is the one my local Asda has on a pallet near the entrance. LINK (£299 in store)
Is it any good? probably competent. Would the Sony be better? Probably but at almost twice the price it blooming well better be!

If a TV is only something you are getting reluctantly because your mum thinks you should have one, why spend more than you have to?

ps2 can use both

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because I have my consoles hooked up to me monitors and I will probably use the tv instead

Good to know, that doesn’t really help the amount of choices though :confused:

yeah I Know

What about using some kind of adapter for the input? Then you can forget about the component/composite input

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I have one to hdmi but it’s not the best. I don’t care enough to get an upscaler.

I found that with 4K quality is allot more important. With 1080 I could buy what ever is on sale and have it last a few years.
My first 4k I eneded taking back and buying a better brand

Take a look at the LG 4K UHD lines. They run webOS and most of the ones from 2017 and all of the ones from 2018 onward will have HDR. In regards to component and composite, I don’t thing that you will find that on anything with 4K now a days.

Don’t know about your area but most the 4K Samsung and LG’s I see on newegg and amazon have combined composite/component in.

That is worth a shot. My TV does not do HDR (2016 model) but here is a list of 4K TVs from LG. Just filter for HDR if it is not already checked.

Found this article, maybe this will give you some ideas.

I haven’t had to buy a TV since I was in your situation, so I haven’t kept up on the tech. I assume someday I will start hearing from guests that I should get a new TV. Still waiting for affordable OLED TVs and monitors.

I don’t have a recommendation but this site is helpful for reviews, information, and recommendations based on intended usage:

thanks for all the help, My boss just got in a couple of 43" philips 4k hdr tv’s that I am tempted by.