New toy

So I ordered a HP Proliant DL385 G6 I’m going to turn into a VM server.
System specs.

Model#: DL385 G6 2U Server
Processor Type: Two Six Core AMD Opteron 2425
Processor Speed: 2.1GHz
Hard Drive: 8x 146GB 15K
Power Supplies: 2 X 460W

For 126.00 I felt it was a good deal



Gonna use esxi spheres, docker, zen server? What do you plan to do with said VMs

I plan to setup an over network system running vms for windows 98 and a windows xp system for running old legacy software. If i can figure out how I plan to do a guide on setup ect.

If it’s a learning experience why not go with Debian and xen/kvm, it gives you a ton of flexibility also if you want to do out of the norm stuff. For example, I have Debian 9 with Xen on a dual CPU xeon system running VMs that boot via a local NFS share so they can take advantage of the ZFS array the server is running on.

Neat, so I assume this is like industrial controller type stuff? I know business will pay insane amounts of cash to stay on win 98 just so they don’t have to upgrade, reminds me of the airport in France whos air traffic control system was running on windows 3.1 and had an uptime of like 27 years.

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I’m going to be using server 2008 I’ve had a copy of that sitting around here for awhile. Its been a very long time since I’ve set anything like it. I have no experience with Debian so I haven’t looked into it.

To tell the truth I haven’t run/setup a server since school ie NT 4.0 so this is going to be a new experience.