New topics for upcoming Tek sessions

Hi everyone. I'd like to add my modest input of interesting/important topics that you guys could discuss in new Tek videos. Some of them I know of because of you, and being of primal importance, I followed on my own.

I’m guessing some of this is already covered on The Tek 0062, but anyway.

To every forum member: please feel free to add everything you consider important, entertaining, informative…

Of Social concern:

#1 NSA Whistleblower Ed Snowden: From My Desk I Could Wiretap Anyone: You, A Federal Judge Or The President Of The US

#2 Prenda Law’s appeal bond rises to $237,584

On tech:

Intel Shows 'World's Fastest' Thumbdrive Using Thunderbolt

On never-ending facepalm:

#3 Microsoft "Up-Voting" Positive Comments on Reddit?

On Bitcoin Mining:

#4 Road To Riches Or Fool's Gold?


At this moment I couldn’t find any gaming info worthy of mention (not that I haven’t looked for it) but hey, it’s just me. I’m sure there’s a lot to mention that I’m unaware of, so as I said before, please share the info


I really want to hear their opinons about Adobe ditching their Creatve Suite line in-turn for a subscription service for the Creative Cloud.

  • How they think it will damage or benifit their rep?
  • Will is lessen piracy (IMO no)?
  • Will it alter other software companies?