New to this!

Hello. Now when I am building my new computer im not using an HDD, but now im using an SSD (Adata premier pro sp900). And i was just wondering is there anything I need to know about an SSD? Is there any specific drivers? Any modes or such I need to apply for it to work properly? Thanks

Your motherboard website should list the specific driver you need for the board you have. Most likely Intel rapid storage technology driver. Don't defrag it (a tool designed for mechanical HDDs), and look up how to make sure TRIM is enabled for your OS

But are there A-Data drivers designed just for my SSD that I need to install? Im going to have an Asus motherboard btw, and I know that when you get a new computer you need to install the newer drivers for the usb, lan and so on.

ASUS mobo should run it fine, no need to worry about SSD drivers, just update your bios soon as you boot up