New to Programming Ideas


Please read this thread before you comment. This thread isn't about looking to where to start in programming. I have actually been programming for seven or eight years now. I actually have some theories that might help beginners with programming.

I was thinking that many tutorials are programming language specific. I was thinking about writing tutorials that aren't language bound. These tutorials would go over the some of the concepts of programming. (Such as variables, operators, functions, oop, etc.) I was wondering if this would be a good approach to give beginners in programming a foothold in the programming world. I would think that this would allow new programmers the ability to visualize and understand what makes up a generic program without have to be bound to a specific language.

What are your opinions?

Thanks, MaxterTheTurtle

Not only explaining concepts, but giving perspective into their use, and real-world examples.

Take pointers, for example - "points" to an address in memory for quick referencing by bypassing the stack. That doesn't make sense to someone who just started with variables, functions, and such; tutorials need context, something that I think comes from just being a good author, not just a talented programmer.

Exactly. It amazes me, when I look back on programs that I wrote years ago, how many things I did not know or understand. There were so many places that I should have used template functions or class inheritance, but I didn't because I didn't understand the use back then. I think many tutorials focus on how to use a tool, but now when or why.