New to Programming, First Year Project

I have begun a 2 year certificate in software development and have been assigned a task to complete a full development project by May next year.

I have very little experience programming in any language but I am familiar with HTML and Javascript and we're learning C++ in class.

I am interested in big data, security and music. I am also interested in jscript, nodejs and python/ruby.

Bearing in mind I am new to all this, if anyone has some ideas or advice as to real world problems I could approach!

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You could think of an app you'd find useful and design it? Two birds one stone. You'll get to create something that you'd find useful as well as market/potentially make money on as well as getting graded on it. Find something you'd enjoy doing. Android you can do with Java, which as it's Object orientated has some similarities with C++.

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We don't have Obamacare in Scotland! (:

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If you're learning C++ in class maybe you should stick with something in C++. I think it's a good idea to focus on learning all the fundamentals and logic in a single language before you decide to branch out.
It might be wise to pick something you can "finish" and then continue to add features to as time goes on to improve it. For example, you could write a peer to peer instant messaging application (or go the client and server route) then when it works, add encryption, then when that works, add music sharing/streaming, or whatever type of application and expandable features you come up with.


I think both C++ and Java is very good..Just focus on the fundamentals of the language and then u can decide..
Use this site for learning C++
Use this link for learning Java

wow... nice necro.


The OP did say the project would take a year, so...

But then again, I'm a year deep into C++ as a compsci major and I can't imagine WTF I would have done if they had told me, with no direction, "complete a full development project by this time next year".

OP actually said May of next year. However, this was originally posted in November 2015. So it was really a 6 month project that would be due now. It would be cool to see OP post back with an update (in a new thread and reference this one in a link).

I wonder if the constant necro threads are due to the suggested topics when a user creates a new topic. Or people just having fun with the search tool and not looking at original post dates.

I know I've seen a lot of really old threads suggested purely from subject matter. I think maybe the suggested threads tool should just exclude threads that haven't had a post in them in however many days.

well... sometimes they are relevant, sometimes they are not. You should generally check the time stamp before replying if you want to avoid looking like an idiot by replying with "haha, yea" to a post from a year ago.