New to PC's (Will my build work?)

Hey all,

I've recently been very interested in getting a new PC primarily for gaming, but also for my YouTube channel. I upload gaming commentaries and videos on it, so I need to produce the best possible quality (720p works) videos faster and more efficiently. What I am wondering is if the build I have put together will work (basically it will function, period) as well as be efficient in rendering as well as gaming. Not too much hardcore gaming, mostly Minecraft and Call of Duty (but I plan on livestreaming both of those games). Will my build be efficient enough for what's listed above? Also, I am on a budget (around 750$ is my max as I am going to need to buy a 1080p monitor as well).



Graphics Card:



DVD Drive (for Windows installation):




And the fan:


Also, I don't really plan on overclocking much, if anything at all. 





750$ with monitor?

750$ towards the computer itself (I already have a monitor I want in mind and money set aside for it).

That build looks really good, but I also need Windows 7 :l Thanks so much for the help!

well you didnt mention that... you are aware that you can find w7 for free?

Yes I mentioned I needed a DVD/optical drive for Win7 installation... Anyways besides the point. I am aware that I can find it for free, and I would be all for it, but due to the fact that I am under 18 and when I earn enough money I will be having my dad help me put it together (he's a lawyer as well... man of the law xD) I don't think I could manage to pull off getting it for free.

I don't think you will be able to get a build powerful enough to stream for $750 without pirating windows.

Actually your dad makes his living finding holes in the laws, so dont worry... :) $800 with windows - $711 without windows 

 erm... If pirating is going to get an option...:



Poor guy, XD. 

You can install Windows 7 or 8..or vista (if you dare), from a flash drive, its also faster. Just use your ISO of the windows 7 disc and have a 4GB flash drive xD 



Just buy the software, if your not going to pirate it originally, don't think about it at all. Here: about $760 with windows

Thanks to guy below me, I fixed it up since I failed to notice I left the overpriced PSU in there.

That PSU overpriced, even with the rebate. Looks good aside from that.

If you're willing to do some mild OC, go with a X6 Phenom.  Tiger has 1045Ts for under a hundred bucks.  With nothing more than a FSB bump (and knock back the HT, NB, RAM, and turbo multipliers), you can get 6x ~3.5GHz.  These chips are a great value for video encoding, rendering, etc.