New to pc gaming

hello i am new to pc gaming i like first person shooters and i would like some advice on games to play i am looking forward to the new games coming out later this year i was planing to play the games on the x box one but i built my own gaming pc instead    my system specs are 

.gigabyte z77-DS3H

.intel core i3 3225

.4gb corsair vengence ram

.Asus GTX 560 1gb video card


my steam name is: roarsmcvey



a warm welcome to the pc community. that is a very nice setup you've got, but i recommend getting 8gb ram (get cheap as possible but from trusted brand (no need for high frequentie ram)) and try to get a quad core because that is the future and hypertreads are not real cores 

Thanks for the welcome i do plan to get more ram in the coming weeks and to get a 3570k by the end of the year and it looks like i said i had a Asus  560 but in fact i have a 650.