New to PC gaming

I travel now, and take my XBox 360 with me. I'd like to build a PC for the better graphics, but keep the small size of my XBox. I have a build here, but I recently noticed that the video card requires at least a 400 watt power supply. However, the case has a 350 watt power supply. The estimated wattage listed for this build says only 256 watts.

Will this work or do I need a different power supply for this to work?

I'm not entirely sure whether it would but that PSU looks like turd. I wouldn't bother with it to be honest.

Why not get a mini ITX motherboard and get a case which you can put your own PSU in? I don't think it'll cost too much more either.


That powersupply should work but usually the powersupplies that come with cases are crappy. Give the 2133 ram down to 1866 and it'll save you a few bucks though for an APU 2133 isn't a bad idea. That and drop the bluray player, they're a huge hassle to get working, only play blurays with their crappy software.

Thats recommended power for the entire pc a card that low uses around 70-80w 

Get low profile ram to or you whont fit the cooler those sticks have huge heat spreaders

The psu is actualy a 80+ psu

If you have 600 bucks to spend why not get a discrete card? it will have better graphics than an APU crossfired with a 6670. use the money for 7950 or something.

Are there any benchmarks that show that a single card will do better than the crossfire APU and 6670 card I picked?

Do they make a 7950 in a low-profile version? most of the benchmarks i am finding on the 3dmark 11 search are like this one, there are better ones with extream overclocking mind you but i think this reperesents what most people are going to get out of them.

the graphics score is 3014

the 7950 gets a graphics score of 6391

also it is generaly accepted that a single card is better than a crossfire solution because some games dont play well with crossfire. YMMV

I do not think there is a 7950 in low profile, however the case you have chosed has four expansion spot so you will be ok with this card. also you WILL need a bigger PSU as the card requires a minumum of 500 watts.

all in all though for the money i really think you will be happeir with a 7950 and i persnaly would think about a different case not a bigger one just a different form stlye mabye.


have fun.

BTW i would recomend the BitFenix Prodigy for what you want to do.


heres a webpage of guy doing what you wanted to do with a 7950

Thanks. Made the switch.

Why do ppl still insist on stupidly using crossfire.

I would say ignorantly, at least for me. I've seen clips on youtube that show games being played, just fine by the way, and the price isn't bad for what you get. Like this: ... or Far Cry 3: