New to Pc Gaming

Hey Guys,

The parts for my computer should be coming in the mail tommorrow.  I have never done much pc gaming prior to now. 

What games so I get to start out ? My budget is about $150 for games for now.

Does steam do a Christmas/Holiday Sale?




Do they ever have a Christmas sale. I would recomend buy one game or however many games you need to occupy yourself till the chistmas sale because the sales are that insane.

Yeah steam has amazing sales, and you should save your money until then. I'd recomend trying some free to plays games out until the sales begin soon. Alien Swarm is a good one. What kind of games are you interested in checking out MMO's, RTS, FPS, all kinds of them out there.

I like action/adventure, rpg (most fantasy or scifi) and fps.

In that case, I would suggest Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, Kingdoms of Amalur, Battlefield 3, Crysis, Crysis: Warhead, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 

Wait until Christmas sale, totally worth the wait. With $150, have fun with your 40 new games.

Here's a general Idea of the Holiday sales: look at the current game prices and then divide it by four.


The Witcher: $10 now, $2.49 on Sale

Buy Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition: $30 now, $7.49 on Sale

Dead Space 2: $20 now, $5 on Sale

That's three AAA Titles and you've only spent $15 so far

That's the Steam 75% off sales in a nutshell.


Also, for the times when you're impacient and you're like "I want that game now, I can't wait for the sale". Try and . (when not the holidays, they have better deals than steam) I know of a guy that bought the new hitman game. He said it was $45 on greenmangaming, but he used a promo code and made it $36!

Ever since switching to Digital Distrobution PC Gaming, I've never spent more than $15 for a Video Game. My usual price is between $5-$10 for one Video Game. There's also great bundles where you get a bunch of indie games for under $7 like and