New To PC Gaming need help building RIG!

Hey guys i'm fairly new to the whole PC gaming scene and would like some suggestions on a gaming rig.I am mainly going to be playing BF3 on it and i need y'all's help with suggestions on hardware. I dont need a nuclear-powered super-computer but just something that will run BF3 on Medium setting smoothly. I currently use an Alienware m11x R2  and I need to upgrade because it does not have a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive and this is quite a nuisance. Also Suggestions on Cheap monitors would be appreciated.

Constrictions: Prefer Small-size cases but mid-size would be okay.

Budget: Preferably under $600


Why not just max it. lol.

what do you mean?

With Spenlards build (you will hardly get better btw) you wont be having 60fps all the time on ultra 1920x1080 (on high settings yes), but take advice from a guy who has almost 750h in bf3, play always on low settings, you want the  smoothest gameplay possible, otherwise you can get lag due to high number of details system needs to process you are dead. These issues are very common in CQ situations.

For your needs (medium settings), I see no reason to go over these specs.


Overclock by twiddling with bus rates instead of core multipliers, because with that processor, you can't. Just don't try adjusting voltages with that board because you can't do that with that low number of power phases. But not to worry, most of those Phenom II X6 1045T can overclock to around 3.5 GHz with relative ease and low heat increase. The only thing you'll really have to do is either wait until Patriot Viper 3 2133 MHz goes on sale again, or adjust the system bus to memory clock multiplier so that you don't have stability issues to to insufficient native RAM speed (just keep it around 1866 MHz when trying to overclock the memory, and it should be okay, or you can just keep it stock at 1600 MHz.) The graphics card doesn't have the best cooling solution, so you can't overclock it quite as much as I would prefer, but it does have a ton of memory for a card in that price range. The case is a case and the power supply is awesome. And actually stands a chance at powering two of those cards for the crossfire that that board supports.

you said you wanted a small system. How does low profile sound? Note that you will have to be carefull with  expansion.


So what's the difference between atx and micro-atx cases or whatever And does the difference matter?

Thank you guys for all your help I am still deciding whether to build a pc or buy one  such as a cyberpower or ibuypower.

Mini Tower build with monitor / DVD/CD Writer $643.70

@SecretAuthor Thank you for your help and for even going so far as to post a link to a video of it!

@spenlard and arent the integrated graphics on the AMD FX-6300 good enough to play it on medium settings?

also does RAM effect graphics or framerates at all?


@spenlard and arent the integrated graphics on the AMD FX-6300 good enough to play it on medium settings?

there are no intergrated graphics you are referring to amds apu line of processors

my bad as i said im very much so a noob with technical lingo but thanks for the correction.

is intel compatible with a radeon gpu?

I think i am going to go with SecretAuthor's build.....

would this be any better or worse?

yes, very much

very much better or worse?