New to PC Gaming: $1000 Build

Hey guys so I'm building my first PC and I have no idea what parts are best for my budget. I made up a list: to start with and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there's anything I can go cheaper/better on. Thanks.


  • Budget.  $1000
  • Where do you live  US
  •   -Is there a retailer you prefer? Nope
  • Do you need or already have peripherals? Nope
  • What will you be using your future computer for? Gaming/Editing
  • Do you overclock or want to get into overclocking? Don't care
  • Do you plan on going for custom watercooling now, or in the future? Nope
  • OS. Do you need a new one? Yes

If you Game-

  • What kind of settings do you like or what FPS do you want to play at? ^) 60+ FPS 
  • What resolution will you be playing at? //or would like to play at. 1080p

If you Render or Edit things-

  • What application do you use to render? (very important) Sony Vegas
  • Do you render movies or just photoshop pictures Both

Looks like a really good build. 

Some suggestions:

Motherboard: For the love of the sweet baby Christ Jesus stay away from that motherboard especially for an 8 core. It has terrible power design and will throttle the CPU and is incredibly poor from a reliability standpoint. 

Go with an Asus M5A99FX Pro R 2.0

More money but definitely worth it. 

RAM: If you are going to be doing editing it is probably best to use 16GBs. Go for whatever is cheapest.

SSD: I have the HyperX 3k and it is a good drive but the Samsung 840 Evo is better, especially when it comes to random performance. 

Case: I really don't like it but that is a personal thing.

Optical Drive: Do you really need one?

OS: I'd go Windows 8.1. Install StartIsBack and be happy with Windows 7.5 but again that is your choice. 


Thanks for the advice, I actually originally had a different Motherboard and 16gb of RAM but I switched them out to bring down costs, I'll fix it up.

Yep.  Change out that motherboard and I'm fine with the rest of the build.

I updated the build a bit, I just have a few more questions. Do I need to buy a CPU cooler? I don't plan on doing any overclocking, and should I buy an additional fan?

If you don't plan on overclocking, you won't need a 3rd party cooler.

But, moreso, if you're not going to overclock I'd honestly drop the 8350 and go Ivy Bridge with the i5-3470. It's cheaper, far more power efficient and outperforms the 8350 in gaming. The only real drawback would be transcoding speeds for video, but it's a rather negligible difference.

Also, if you get the Asus Z77A mobo before 4/7, you can use Newegg's 15% off promo code and intel's $30 rebate and get it for $59. Then use the leftover $60 to upgrade to a 4GB GTX 770.

Why would you go with IV? It is priced similar to haswell.

Also 4GB vram is unnecessary for gaming.


Mainly to take advantage of the newegg deal and to enable the budget to upgrade to the 4gb model, which will be more than enough for gaming, but will be a great help with editing/transcoding video and any effects work.

EDIT: This is going by the assumption that the mention of using Vegas means editing work would be a regular use for the PC. 

Depending on how important Video editing is to you, you may indeed want the I5. If it is more than a little important to you, you will want 16gigs of Ram at as fast as you can afford.

Getting the I5 is a bad idea. It has 4 cores to the 8350's 8 and sony vegas will use all 8 cores. The I5 will then render slower than the 8350. 

I will use this as an editing pc, just not on a regular basis, its more of a hobby I like to work on when I have some time. It will be used for gaming much more often. I appreciate the advice though, its good to know it will be better to have faster RAM and more VRAM for any future upgrades regarding an editing rig. I'm content with the parts I have for now, anything is much better than what I work with now. I was just unsure If I needed better cooling. 

 There's most definitely going to be a bigger and better build in the future.

EDIT: I just looked at the 280x, is it a better choice? It has 3GB of RAM but a slower clock speed for about the same price.


R9 280 is equivalent to the old HD 7950.  The GTX 770 will outperform the R9 280 in most games.

Grab a cheap CPU cooler, as the stock one just sucks.  A Hyper 212 Evo will work just fine.

Teksyndicate did a video on the FX-8350 versus an i5 and i7, and the results were surprisingly similar.

Higher clocked memory will help in video rendering.

Just some things to keep in mind.  The build looks pretty good as it stands now.

Grab a cheap CPU cooler, as the stock one just sucks.  A Hyper 212 Evo will work just fine.

Grab another cheap fan and put the Hyper 212 into a push-pull setup, and you'll also be able to handle a very decent overclock, should you change your mind down the road. Shouldn't cost you more than $40.

(push+pull only decreases temps by like 2-4c, not worth it imo)

Thanks for the tips, added on the cooler and a fan. I just realized my Monitor is only 1600x900, is this monitor a good choice?

Interesting—in my old rig I had a Hyper 212 and using push+pull with Corsair SP120s gave me about 8c drop when I monitored with Realtemp.