New To PC Buliding

First off I'm new to this forum and PC Building, I have however played games on a PC and found them MUCH more enjoyable than console gaming as far as internet multiplayer games go.  I've watched a bunch of youtube videos on the subject of PC building, and I must confess that I am ready to dive in to the world of PC gaming. (Lets face it you can do much more than game with a PC!)

 Here are some products that Ive looked at and am interested in:*

Sabertooth 990fx motherboard.

AMD 8350 8 core processer.

8gb of ram, maybe 16gb 

An SSD enough to hold OS, HDD at least 1tb.

Windows 8

The list above are products that I will most likely buy for my build.

For the graphics card I would like something by nvidia, because I have read that they have software that optimizes the settings for the games that you have, and it also lets you know about driver updates etc. I would like to spend less than $300 on this componet.

Also how do i decide how much wattage i need for a power supply? (recommendations please.)




Welcome to the forum!

If I were you, I'd get a Gigabyte UD5 990FX, instead of the Sabertooth, for better overclocking, and less money.

I'd also go for an AMD GPU, specifically an MSI 7950. Pair it with a Lepa G650 PSU, and you're golden!