New to PC Building, need help!

Hello viewers of the forum, I was wondering if I could get some assistance in my build.

Please check if there are some incompatibility issues, as I am not too familiar with building a pc. I would appreciate it, thank you very much!

Looks solid to me. I'd recommend the Asus M5A99FX Pro/Evo mobo though, maybe some cheaper RAM and ditch the Corsair SSD for an 850 Evo from Samsung. Otherwise looks good though. 

Personally, I wouldn't waste money on a 144hz monitor but thats your call. 

What alternatives for RAM and monitors would you recommend?

This is what it is looking like atm:

Nevermind about the RAM. I thought I could find something cheaper but the one you picked is good and well priced. 

TBH IDK I'm not a monitor expert haha. I don't use 1080p monitors either so. And any 1440p display would be more than the 144Hz one you chose.

There you go, the headphones will work in conjuction with the ModMic 4.0 and you will end up with vastly better quality. I found you a version of Windows 8.1 Pro (Pro isn't necessary but it what I found) for only $55. Also the AOC monitor is great, I personally have the Asus one that you were looking at and I'm disappointed that I spent that much when I could have gotten a better IPS display for cheaper. You don't need 1866Mhz RAM, so I found 1600Mhz ram for cheaper, and bumped your SSD up to a 240GB one from Sandisk which is a great SSD. Let me know what you think. 

*Edit I just changed the Permalink to a slightly different one with an upgraded PSU. EVGA offers a 750w PSU for cheaper that is still 80+ Bronze certified. 

Looks good, if I had to pick a weak spot I would maybe bump up to a 750w PSU if you are going to add stuff later and plan to run it hard at times. 600w is enough but not by much. PC part picker est. that build at 519 w. When you run full tilt you will be at >80%. You may also want a little overclock headroom.

I'd switch back to that monitor you had before and use the rest of what Greendouglash suggested

i would change PSU manufacture and dump the headset.i had a razor headset and it didnt last long and was really expensive. get a corsair, seasonic or silverstone PSU at 750W. AMD is power hungry so they get hot fast. also make sure to get proper cooling like an all in one water cooler or a large heatsink.

Modded OP build -  - can do without the cpu cooler but it was at a good price.