New to linux which distro should i use?

First Linux distro i ever installed was Arch. I failed about 20 times. Once i finally got it working i cried tears of joy. T'was a good day. Also it was because of Windows 10 aswell XD. Pacman for life.

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Yeah but even so, the bloat is like an extra gig or two and can be removed.

And the install is still small enough where a little bloat is not gonna kill you.

I may have done something wrong but last time I installed openSUSE the install was 4.2 gig compared with 1. something for buntu and 600 M for Arch

You can choose what packages are intalled during the installer. You don't have to have a a GUI if you choose not to.

Suse Studio allows to custom roll your own Suse image similar to Arch but it has a GUI to do it in.

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